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Harvesting the Juicy Fruit of Your Divine Labor - Full Moon Magic

Posted by: Dashama

May 15, 2011

You are the radiant illumination of the Sun!

Every month we have the blessed opportunity to experience the full cycle of our lunar friend, the moon. She moves around our planet so nonchalantly, it is easy to forget she is there until the lights go down and melt into the horizon of magic hour each night and we are blessed to see the big round sphere rise into the sky like a silver gemstone, illuminating the dark, silent earth beneath.

For the past decade I have been blessed to have many friends, teachers and loved ones who are intimately connected to this cycle of life, the cycle of the moon as she goes through her changes each month, reminds us of a very important truth: the process of planting seeds and harvesting the fruit of our labor.

When the moon is invisible, during the New Moon cycle, she is completely dark, for a full 24 hours. Then she begins her evolution back into the light of the sun toward her fullest day - always in perfect patterns, 2 weeks apart, 4 week cycles, 28 day journeys around the earth.

Patiently she makes these journeys. She does not judge or feel lonely or depressed as she enters the darkness or shadow side of her journey. She simple wanes acceptingly into her necessary period of introspection and in the silence of the sky and the darkness of her shadow, she becomes more and more certain of her radiance whence she shall begin to wax toward fullness and the bright illuminated cycle that is always inevitable after the darkest night.

We can learn a lot from the moon.

In life, we too must go through these cycles. We enter into the darkness, depression, pain, separation, isolation, self loathing, heart break, jealousy, anger, mistrust, defeat, and a whole myriad of possible negative and dark emotions that wash over us and sometimes linger on in our lives as we enter the dark stages of the new moon period of our own lives.

If we are not aware, we may allow these periods to over take us. To consume our light and to hold us captive, seemingly incapable of returning to the light where we below.

On the other hand, if we are aware, with the expanded level of awareness that is awarded to us when we step beyond the duality and insignificance of our personal story and enter into an expanded view of existence absolute, we can see how the whole story is a divine theatre. We have chosen this role and we are acting out a certain part. If we choose to, we can certainly let go of that story line, reinvent ourselves and become brand new!

And that is the waxing toward the light that I am referring to.

When you can finally see beyond your narrow focus of pain or turmoil, and be illuminated with the radiance of light within. That is the journey to joyful. That is the destiny path we are all here to explore.

As we enter into the full moon phase of our sister the moon's cycle, let us be reminded of how we can focus on all of the bounty of gifts, blessings and abundance we have in our lives and give thanks.

We don't need to wait for Thanksgiving to be grateful, in fact, we must be grateful each day in order to fully experience the magnificence that life has to offer.

The seeds of intention that you planted 2 weeks ago are not ready to be harvested. The juicy ripeness is dripping from the branches waiting from you to harvest, and enjoy the divine fruits of your labor.


Today is a time for celebration!

Blessings and Love always,




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