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Journey of a Lifetime - Bali Yoga Teacher Training and Retreats!

Posted by: Dashama

February 26, 2011

Aloha Love,

I'm excited as we move forward with preparations for the Bali Yoga Teacher Training and Retreats. I am also inspired to share the 2nd video I was requested to submit to the Journey of a Lifetime Reality TV producers.

You can see that video audition/ submission here:

[video: 500x400]

This video talks about the excursions and additional modules we will be experiencing on this trip. Part of the adventure of this trip is to experience the culture of Bali, the sacred Hindu Temples, the yoga fire dancing to over come fears and visit the orphanage to shine some light into the lives of those children in Bali.

If you missed our first video submission, you can view that here: 

[video: 500x400]

In this first video, you can learn about the inspiration that began my life of travel and why I have been bringing people with me for the past 5 years around the world to yoga adventure retreats. 

The full details for the trip to Bali are on the website here:

and if you didn't see the full video you can see that here: 

[video: 500x400]

The next video I will be submitting to the Journey of a Lifetime will be about the Transformation and Impact that practicing yoga for 30 days can have on the participants and what this will mean to the group. One of our participants, Chris, whom I have featured in both of my videos, is such an inspiration! He has already lost 50 pounds following my 30DYC program and he is well on his way to lose another 30-50 to reach his goals!

This is the power and potential that can be achieved with the proper guidance, dedication and determination. I believe we can all learn from this example and apply these same principals to our own lives to achieve our individual goals and aspirations.

So, I leave you with this last question:

What is your heart's desire?

Do you want to experience more freedom in your lifestyle to travel and do with your time what you wish?

Do you want to lose weight and gain control of your health once and for all?

Is a career change on your radar and you need some down time to sit quietly in meditation to allow your vision to unfold for you?

All of your dreams are possible and they are simply waiting for you to say YES to yourself.

Let go and ALLOW your heart's desires to come flowing to you with effortless ease.

Do less, experience more.

Be here now and be love, freedom and truth.

Space is filling up for Bali, but we do have a few spots left.

I would love to skype with you to learn about your intentions and how we can help you manifest your heart's dreams and desires.

Feel free to email me directly or apply on the website by clicking here: 

Blessings and Love all ways,



(Chichen Itza, Mexico Yoga Retreat 2010)

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