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Perfect 10- Mega Gift Giveaway Contest- Week 2

Posted by: Dashama

April 20, 2011


Each week we will have more contests and great opportunities to win. The 10 winners from last week each receive a copy of Journey to Joyful digital ebook version and 2 of them receive the Pranashama Yoga Inspirational Calendar!

This weeks contest is a new and different.

We are giving away a $1,000 scholarship to ONE lucky winner, who can join us in Bali. This can be applied toward any of the 2, 3 or 4 week programs. AND a $500 scholarship that can be applied toward 1 or 2 week Bali Yoga Retreat!

And all training programs will allow you to accumulate hours toward your Yoga Certification if you are ready to take that step. Or, if you are just interested in having the time of your life with us in Bali, join us for a Retreat! You will come up a new person and better for the experience in every way, I can guarantee that. Next week, after the winner is announced, if the winner is unable to travel with us, this prize is transferable, so it can be gifted to someone you love or another member of our community, that way it can be put to good use. Once notified as a winner, you should register asap and contact us if you have any questions: or 347-470-YOGA.

How do you win??

It's very simple. The only rule if you must have read Journey to Joyful or practiced along with one of my Yoga DVDs that are available on Amazon.. So this means you've either bought it, won it, or participated in the 30 Day Yoga Challenge program! You simply go onto and write a review. Stating what you thought about it, what you liked best and how it impacted your life in some way. If you haven't read Journey to Joyful, you can also qualify by posting a review about one of the 5 DVDs I have on amazon as well. 

Over the years, since we sell so many DVDs through our online boutique, I never realized how much it makes a difference to have reviews on amazon. Amazon, just like Yelp, is a place people turn to hear about a product and decide whether it is a good company or not. I would be so grateful and honored if you have read or practiced to these products below, if you will take just a moment or 2 to write something about it so others will be able to decide to gift these to loved ones or friends in the future.

Click here to review Journey to Joyful

Click here to review Kids Yoga Adventure or Yoga Family Funtime DVD

Click here to review Balance Your Life with Yoga or Thai Yoga Tantra DVD

Click here to review Transform Your Life with Yoga DVD

Once you have reviewed, please email us directly so we can enter you to win. Winners will be notified by Monday 4/25/11.

Send it to:

Thank you in advance for your love and support.

Best wishes to your success and happiness!!

Love all ways,



Thank you to all who participated last week and please be sure to send us your contact information so we can send you your PRIZE! Send it to:

I am so excited about all the wonderful people who entered the contest last week and thank you for the wonderful feedback on Yelp! Here below you can see the winners posts and be inspired by the beautiful global community we have growing here at Perfect 10 Lifestyle. 

I'm not sure why Yelp has actually filtered all 14 reviews posted though!

I spoke with them and they said they have an auto filter that does this and I hope they can get it worked out soon, because in California especially, people turn to online resources like Yelp to decide whether a company is good to work with or not. And often times, it is not easy to decide, since things like auto filters are hiding most of the great reviews! So, keep this in mind for the future if you are looking on a website to see if the product or company is good to do business with, look deeper to make your decision.


Also, if you participated in the 30DYC Renew You program, please be sure to send in your before and after photos so we can select the winners by May 1! And submit your story. Tell me what you felt, what breakthroughs you experienced and how you plan to continue on after this initial program with a new lifestyle and perspective on life.

Send it to:


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