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January 23

Where Do You Desire to Go?

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January 23, 2011
Aloha Love,
How are you?
I hope you are having a wonderful 2011 so far. 
I had an interesting epiphany this week, I will share it with you. 
August 16

Is a Yoga Retreat on Your Dream Board?

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August 16, 2010

"A man is not old until regrets start taking place of dreams."
       - Anonymous

Aloha Love!
I can remember my first yoga retreat I attended years ago.
It started out as a dream.
Each year I would create a dream board around the first of a new year and post photos and words on there that represented what i wanted to create, experience or achieve in my life. (I still do this every year and it is a very powerful practice to keep your dreams visible all year long)
Then I began to seek out various inspiring teachers whom I would like to spend more time with. Real time, one on one, and experience their lifestyle, get to know who they are really. 
My first yoga retreat was with Wah! She was inspiring to me and incredibly beautiful. I loved her energy I could feel it through her audio cds and I wanted to travel and see new places. 
Luck would have it she was hosting a retreat in an exotic tropical destination I had always dreamed of visiting and I pulled together the resources to be there for that week. 
I am so glad that I did!
That was one of the best weeks of my life and I learned so much. I learned about myself and the power of will and determination. It wasn't all inclusive, so I learned how to get lost and find myself in a distant land again and again. 
And most importantly- I left the week feeling completely inspired to continue on my path. I had gotten so much more then what I had come for, and here I am years later, leading these transformational retreats myself. 
You never know what your destiny holds, but I do believe in Synchro-destiny and conscious creation of your dreams.
I believe we are all here to offer our own unique gifts and talents to the world. It is up to us each as individuals to discover these inherent gifts and to do the work necessary to awaken the dormant potential of our souls. 
It is during yoga and spiritual retreats and traveling adventures that this is likely to happen for us. 
Because we are able to get away from it all. Drop the to do lists and simply be with ourselves. Practicing yoga daily with me guiding you in person, adjusting your asanas and offering my love in person. Answering your questions and sharing my stories. Journaling our thoughts, spending time in silence, connecting with nature and the magical mystery of life. Dancing our hearts out and celebrating the perfect present moment for whatever she has to offer us in the here and now of existence.
Sharing our life and experience with new and old friends. 
And becoming more of who we truly are. 
There are only 3 rooms left at this intimate yoga retreat with me in Ibiza. Deposit is due Sept. 1. to secure your spot.
Click HERE to view full details and Register NOW.
I would love to share time with you October 3-9. 
If you can stay the extra day after the retreat, I would love to have you join us for my friend Sandee's wedding. I am performing the ceremony (as Priestess Dashama) and this will be a very special day for us all. 
The wedding is on 10-10-10. 
And if you know anything about numerology that is a highly powerful day. My name carries a meaning of "to tithe 10%" in Sanskrit (amongst other meanings). And 10 signifies the end of one era and beginning of another. (click here for more meanings of 10)
And keep shining your radiant light!
This world is a more magical place because of you. 
Thank you, Wapela, Gracias, Gratzi, Mahalo 
See you soon!
***PS. If you live in Europe and own or work at a yoga studio or center and would like me to teach there while I am in Europe either the end of September or after the Ibiza Retreat (after the 10th of October) please contact Lacey at to arrange the details. It would be my honor to meet you there.***
Love you all ways, Dashama