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November 10

Happy 11.11.11 Celebrate New Beginnings! xoxo

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November 10, 2011

Aloha my love!

First of all, what does it mean, 11/11/11 and why do we celebrate such a day?

This numerology has a very deep meaning. The number 11 represents new beginnings and even a new chapter and way of being. It is also representative of life mastery, especially in a spiritual sense.

September 07

Become a Catalyst for Wellness in Your Community or Organization

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September 07, 2011

If you are in the process of making healthy changes, share your endeavors with those around you! Whether your organization is your family, church, community group or workplace, healthy habits can be shared and encouraged among friends, family members, neighbors and co-workers. Group involvement enhances participants' success by creating camaraderie for the pursuit of common goals. Incorporate wellness activities to stimulate a change in the organization's culture. Not all suggestions are feasible for every organization, but they are worth trying.

1.     Form a walking group. Incorporate walk breaks into lunch hours at a worksite or organize a post-dinner family walk.

2.     Initiate a weight-loss challenge. The challenge can create healthy competition for a healthy cause. If participants pay an entry fee, the money collected may be used as prize money for the top "losers," the people who lose the most weight.

3.     Coordinate a healthy recipe potluck. Many work sites have meetings that include food, and many churches hold covered-dish socials. Try adding a rule to encourage more nutritious food selections. Establish entry criteria such as the inclusion of two vegetables or fewer than 20g of fat to ensure entries meet healthful standards.

April 01

Eat, Pray, Love with Us in Bali this Summer!

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April 01, 2011
What's Happening at Pranashama Yoga Institute?
In case you didn't know, as a special gift to you:
Everyone who is joining us in Bali will receive
complimentary access to the Renew You 30DYC program!
If you are one of those people who is thinking to yourself, "I'll go next time" or "I just can't go to Bali for X, Y or Z reason" then please listen closely:
In life, there is not always a next time. 
I remember a retreat I really wanted to go to a few years ago. One of my friends and beloved yoga teachers Shiva Rea was leading a group to Turkey for Rumi's 800th birthday. 
I wanted to go, but I had a lot of 'reasons' why I couldn't go. 
So I didn't go. 
And when I saw the photos and heard about the trip when they got back,
boy did I was I would have been there for that!
Carpe Diem! 
Sieze the day. 
Follow your heart and pursue your most wild adventurous dreams. 
Whatever it is. (even if its not coming to Bali!)
Just take action, move forward and be courageous. 
You will always be rewarded with the support you need when you make the decision to step forward boldly and follow your heart. 
You will always be grateful you did. 
CLICK HERE to READ MORE about this Journey of a Lifetime Yoga Bliss in Paradise!
We are staying in Ubud, Bali, the same place they filmed the epic novel and movie:
Eat, Pray, Love!
Earn $500 for recommending a friend to join us
We are setting up the affiliate program this week, so for everyone who responded about the $500 referral bonus I mentioned last week, stay tuned, I'll send you an email with that info later this week. 

I look forward to meeting you soon.
To view the full details and register for the 1, 2, 3 and 4 week Teacher Training / Certification program and Retreat Options, CLICK HERE NOW. Feel free to forward this along to anyone you feel would benefit from joining us in Bali. 
March 12

Discover the Secret to Getting the BEST flight PRICES :)

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March 12, 2011

Getting the BEST flight PRICES is an ART :) 

For the best ticket prices, I highly recommend you use for booking flights. They say if you check for Tues/Wed/Thurs departures, you get the best rates, so be sure to be flexible for that and mark the option to have flexible departure and flight dates. Also, you will notice the flight prices fluctuate greatly from day to day. So you can set an alert for kayak to send you an email when the flight you want dips below a specific price. That's a great way to stay current and get the best price. The truth is, you have to act quick, when you see the price you want on the trip you are taking, book it immediately, because its like the stocks: up one day, down the next. The best prices are often 2-4 weeks out from the departure dates, so keep that in mind as well. Airlines gamble on the passengers not taking the spontaneous flights so they drop the prices when it gets closer to departure!
City for Int'l Departure... Another Adventure!
Also, in regard to departure airport, I am flying out of LAX. That is a great departure city, as is San Francisco, since both of those are closest to Asia in the USA. In other countries, you will have to figure it out, but I know the flights from certain airports tend to be cheaper, because they have many flights out per day or week. So, when arranging your flight, consider booking a short flight SEPARATE from your home city, to a major international airport and then a separate flight from that airport to your destination. This will ensure you get a great flight price as well. You can even arrange a short layover (few hours or days) to explore that new city if you wish and make it an extended adventure! I usually do that when I'm taking long trips. Even if you can only get out of the airport (take a taxi to the city and walk around, or to a nice park or the ocean). You will get a nice feel for that city and know if you will want to return there sometime to explore it more in the future. You can also check out on sites like facebook or to see what is cool to do in these areas while you in town for a short while.
Register Now to Join Us in Bali!
There is still a little space left for you to join us. I would love to share this magical time with you.
Please contact me directly if you have any questions, so I can help you make this incredible decision. 
Also, I created this page for you to get to understand a little more about how i came to over come my fears of leaving my corporate job and embark upon a career path that resonates with my heart, soul and highest self. 
Click HERE to read about that story now.
What's Happening at Pranashama Yoga Institute?
New Students Enrolling for Bali

This week a lot has been transpiring for the Bali Trip. Also, we had a new student enroll yesterday, from the UK. I'm excited that we will have such a geographically and culturally diverse group with us in Bali!
We are getting closer and closer to this amazing Yoga Teacher Training and Adventure Retreat in Bali. The plans are arranged and now is the time to focus on getting the flights, the visas and preparations.
You can Earn $500 for recommending a friend to join us
Oh btw, we are offering a $500 referral check to anyone in our community who refers a student that ends up joining us in Bali. We still have a few spots left and want to make sure everyone who is supposed to be there with us can be.  Be sure they mention your name when they register so we can credit you for the referral. We will pay you by check, paypal, bank transfer or credit toward any of our events or trainings around the world. 
To view the full details and register for the 1, 2, 3 and 4 week Teacher Training / Certification program and Retreat Options, CLICK HERE NOW. Feel free to forward this along to anyone you feel would benefit from joining us in Bali.
March 08

Spring Into Cleansing and Renewal - 50% Off this Week Only

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March 08, 2011
Aloha my love,
How was your weekend?
The weather is warming up a bit and we are starting to see the first signs of spring :)

Spring is a Time for Cleansing and Renewal
Spring is one of my favorite times of year, since it allows us to reflect upon where we are and to let go of what is not serving us, re-evaluate what is truly important to us, and make a plan that will lead us toward our highest vision for our lives. 
I love the concept of spring cleaning. 
And with spring cleaning comes spring cleansing. 
That can include body, mind, spirit, emotional, and all of our surroundings. 
My favorite spring cleansing rituals include juice cleansing, feng shui practices for home and work environments and committing to a disciplined mind/body exercise and health practice. 
I have had a few people post on facebook this week asking if I am going to offer the discount for the Renew You 30DYC program again. So in honor of the spring cleansing season coming up, I have decided I will do that for all of you who wanted to join us back in January and missed the incredible 50% off special. 
So, for the next 7 days (yes now through March 13, you can receive that same great discount of 50% off as a gift from me, to encourage your spring cleansing and renewal. 
Go check out the full details here:
and when you are ready to order, enter coupon code: RENEW ME to receive 50% off at checkout.

I am excited to see the results you get with this new lifestyle program. 
You can start wherever you wish with the diet, or jump straight into the cleansing part and embark upon a liver, kidney, colon, cleanse, a green juice cleanse, heavy metals, parasites, candida cleanse- you choose the one or combination you feel is needed right now and allow the community to support you while you let go of what's weighing you down and align with the more radiant version of you!
One of our participants has already lost 50 pounds following the program!
He told me he replaced his snack bowl of snickers with a bowl of fruit and loves his new lifestyle!

Best wishes to your success!
Blessings and Love!
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