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April 01

Cleansing, Yoga & The Fountain of Youth

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April 01, 2011

"Follow your heart, but be quiet for a while first.
Ask questions, then feel the answer. Learn to trust your heart.
Follow your passion, and success will follow you."
-- Arthur Buddhold

I hope you followed some of the important cleansing suggestions I mentioned in our newsletter last week. I sure did! I was following stage 3 of the 30DYC diet plan this week and consuming 1-2 green smoothies each day. Like always, it was a fantastic experience!
What did I feel?
*Better digestion,
*Cleansed digestive track,
*Improved energy levels
*Decrease in body fat
*and some nasal congestion that I was experiencing completely cleared up in a matter of days. 
It's a powerful practice and habit to create, to cleanse one week out of each month. 
I've been doing it for years and I encourage all my clients, students and people who follow my programs to join us in this routine. It will only serve you in the long run, with great health. 
I've heard so many times people ask me, "wow! how old are you Dashama?" and when I tell them, they are almost always shocked. The reason for this is simple: they say I look about 5-10 years younger then I am. In fact, I had my metabolic age tested and the tests confirmed this~ it said I am physically the age of 14! That takes into account how the organs and inner systems are functioning, bone density, body fat to muscle ratio, etc. 
I attribute my youthful appearance and vitality in large part to my diet, yoga and exercise practices. 
When you let go of stress, toxins and the heavy burdens that are weighing you down, years can be lifted from your face and body in a matter of moments and over night you can be transformed. (sometimes it takes a bit longer, depending upon how ready you are to let go). 
That is one of the motivating forces that has kept me sharing this information for years. 
I see the benefits in my own life, I hear the success stories from people around the world who follow this lifestyle and I am always inspired by the break throughs people experience when they integrate some of these simple techniques and habits into daily living. 
Bikini Season is Just 11 weeks away!
With just 11 weeks until bikini season officially begins, NOW is the perfect time to begin the 30DYC Renew You program! This is the most comprehensive system I've ever released. If you haven't tried it yet, join hundreds of others who are currently participating and enroll to get the support of the community and me on your team. 

TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More
And on this team the winning formula is: You + 30DYC = Healthy, Happy, Habits
For a limited time, you will receive the 6 -30DYC DVDs FREE with the program when you order by April 1. 

What's New? 
This week I am focused on creating the Yoga Teacher Training manual for our program in Bali. 
I am including over 7 sequences and 200 poses in the manual, all from the photos we shot 2 weeks ago for the Journey to Joyful expanded edition that will be released in September for National Yoga Month. 
The sequences are the same ones I teach at the live events and that we will be practicing in Bali every morning and afternoon. Each is geared toward strengthening, stretching, balancing, healing and creating harmony in the body, mind and soul. 
I am also teaching several of these sequences in Canada for the Whistler Yoga Conference, coming up in May. 
If you are able to join us, that promises to be an amazing event in one of the most beautiful places in North America, 
Whistler BC is known for its majestic snow capped mountains and pristine natural surroundings. 
Go to their website to register and use my name 'Dashama' to receive 10% off your ticket for the entire weekend. 



Blessings to your success and happiness.
Have a beautiful day!
Love, Light and Namaste, 

March 08

Spring Into Cleansing and Renewal - 50% Off this Week Only

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March 08, 2011
Aloha my love,
How was your weekend?
The weather is warming up a bit and we are starting to see the first signs of spring :)

Spring is a Time for Cleansing and Renewal
Spring is one of my favorite times of year, since it allows us to reflect upon where we are and to let go of what is not serving us, re-evaluate what is truly important to us, and make a plan that will lead us toward our highest vision for our lives. 
I love the concept of spring cleaning. 
And with spring cleaning comes spring cleansing. 
That can include body, mind, spirit, emotional, and all of our surroundings. 
My favorite spring cleansing rituals include juice cleansing, feng shui practices for home and work environments and committing to a disciplined mind/body exercise and health practice. 
I have had a few people post on facebook this week asking if I am going to offer the discount for the Renew You 30DYC program again. So in honor of the spring cleansing season coming up, I have decided I will do that for all of you who wanted to join us back in January and missed the incredible 50% off special. 
So, for the next 7 days (yes now through March 13, you can receive that same great discount of 50% off as a gift from me, to encourage your spring cleansing and renewal. 
Go check out the full details here:
and when you are ready to order, enter coupon code: RENEW ME to receive 50% off at checkout.

I am excited to see the results you get with this new lifestyle program. 
You can start wherever you wish with the diet, or jump straight into the cleansing part and embark upon a liver, kidney, colon, cleanse, a green juice cleanse, heavy metals, parasites, candida cleanse- you choose the one or combination you feel is needed right now and allow the community to support you while you let go of what's weighing you down and align with the more radiant version of you!
One of our participants has already lost 50 pounds following the program!
He told me he replaced his snack bowl of snickers with a bowl of fruit and loves his new lifestyle!

Best wishes to your success!
Blessings and Love!
December 26

Post Holiday Cleanse: Goji Chia Pudding Recipe!

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December 26, 2010

[video: 640x360]

Maybe you ate or drank too much over the holidays and now need to detox and cleanse away some sugar, fat and alcohol?

Try this great recipe and learn more about how Chia can really pull the toxins right out of your body. Blessings and Love, Dashama