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March 04

Creating a Mission Statement for Your Life

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March 04, 2011


"It is more important to know where you are going than to get there quickly."
-- Mabel Newcomber

Over 10 years ago I had a mentor who introduced me to the concept of 'having a mission statement for my life'. This came at a perfect time for me, since at that time, I was really wondering which direction to go and what was the purpose of my life.

Since then, I have re-evaluated my mission statement many times and even after all these years, mine is still ringing true and inspiring me to continue doing what I do.

February 22

Pranashama Yoga Institute Recommended Reading List

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February 22, 2011

[video: 500x400]

Aloha Love,

In preparation for our Journey of a Lifetime to Bali this June, we are all beginning our adventure at home by reading some of the profound wisdom of my favorite masters.

Although this list is not every book that I would recommend you read, this will get you started and keep you busy for a while for sure :)

Required Reading for Yoga Teacher Certification with Pranashama Institute:

December 26

Morning Yoga - Full Body Stretch [Video]

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December 26, 2010

[video: 640x360]

Aloha Love!

If you are seeking a short sweet way to get your blood flowing and start the day out great, try this short video and stay tuned for 'Renew You! Tone, Trim and Fabulous" the complete program which will be released in very soon. Complete with diet program, videos for specific needs and goals, daily health journal to keep track of your progress and my book Journey to Joyful to enlighten and inspire your life.

Blessings to your health, happiness and success!


September 17

Dr. Wayne Dyer and "Journey to Joyful"

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September 17, 2010

(Dashama and Dr Wayne Dyer, Santa Monica, CA 2010)

I recently ended a year long relationship that started out long distance and because of this, it was on and off for over a year. I was feeling a little sad and down and was seeking inspiration. I was looking for answers and they're weren't coming too easily. I figured what could pull me up out of this funk better then an evening with one of the great luminaries on this planet.

I'd heard of many of Dr. Dyer's books and programs (The Power of Intention has sold over 200 million copies world wide -for example), but I had never had the opportunity to hear him speak. So when I heard he was coming to Santa Monica, I decided I needed to be there and that was all that I knew.

He started out talking about his children, the obvious pride and joy of his life. And he shared many stories about his own path as well.

The most touching story he shared was about the time he went to look for his father's grave stone in his 30s. It had been over 20 years since he was abandoned as a 9 year old boy. He heard an Inner Calling to go see this grave stone to see if his father had acknowledged he had a son named Wayne, a mystery that had plagued him his entire life.