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September 26

Pranashama Yoga Training Retreat on the Isle of Man Oct 15-21, 2011

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September 26, 2011
 Join us for a week of Pranashama Yoga training and receive up to 50 hours toward your yoga teacher certification. Isle of man is a magical special place on earth and I am honored to be cutting the ribbon on my first yoga studio in IOM.

Click the flyer above to view more details and to register!
See you soon!
Blessings, Love and Namaste, Dashama
September 26

Set Intentions, Plant Seeds & Celebrate Life!

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September 26, 2011


Aloha my love!
How are you? 
Tomorrow marks the beginning of some very special holidays around the world, including Navaratri - the 9 day festival to celebrate the Goddess within all of us and soon Rosh Hashanah the Hebrew holiday begins as well. Both of these holidays are created for us to take a little time to go within and focus on the spiritual aspects of our divine nature. 
Navaratri is broken down into 3 - 3 day mini festivals. Even if your beliefs are of 
one specific faith or religion, this festival can help remind you of the important aspects of 
being alive and help you eliminate anything that may not be serving your highest good. 
*Day 1-3 is dedicated to Kali and detoxifying/ cleansing and purging out darkness (laziness, fatigue, depression, toxicity, illness, sickness, negativity, poverty, etc) that 
may be blocking you from your highest potential. 
*Day 4-6 is dedicated to Laxshmi to invoke joy, love, beauty and prosperity in your life. 
*Day 7-9 is all about Saraswati, the icon of music reminding us to celebrate, dance, sing, 
play music and enjoy all of the joy and happiness that life has to offer. 
This is also the beginning of a transition from the summer into autumn and the changes that take place as the earth prepares for the colder months ahead (Northern Hemisphere)
You may even feel your internal clock slowing down and the desire to look within yourself to discover more of who you are in new and interesting ways. 
If you happen to live in the Southern hemisphere, this is time for celebration as you move out of winter toward Spring time! Welcoming in the new growth and planting seeds to tend over the coming months and days. 
Regardless of where your home is on Earth right now, the new moon is a powerful time to ask the Universe for what you desire and to let go of any attachment to the outcome.
Just know that it is coming, all great blessings start out as tiny seeds we plant first in our minds, then release out into the fertile soil of our hearts. Watering it daily and nourishing your dreams with faith, you will be amazed to see how daily actions lead to the harvest of divine fruit in your life. 
I see this happen all the time in my own life. 
I have planted many seeds in the past, some were even planted years ago. 
Never losing faith, I have been allowing the river to guide and
to stay in the flow of divine synchronicity allowing seeds to grow and the
fruit to ripen. 

The rich harvest of your labor is coming soon and now is the time to just 
allow the blessings to enter into your life. 

You deserve it, you are worthy, you are so much greater then you can even imagine.
I feel so grateful and blessed to stay connected to you. 
It would be wonderful to meet you sometime soon. 
October 9-23 I will be in Vienna, Dublin, Isle of Man, London and NYC. 
Discover the Fountain of Youth workshop on the Isle of Man is sold out
October 21/22.
We have just a few more spots left for:
 Pranashama Yoga Training Retreat on the Isle of Man Oct 15-21. 
(click the link above for more info & to register)


This is guaranteed to be a transformational week in a magical castle 
covered island in the Irish Sea. Recently, news has reported IOM to be
a place on earth like Switzerland (neutral, clean, healthy and great place to invest!)
If you life in or near Europe,  please contact me or Dave to reserve your spot for this exclusive intimate retreat adventure.  I am so excited to cut the ribbon for the 
first Pranashama Yoga Studio in the world!
Grand Opening date: 10/21/2011
Journey to Joyful TV has released our first episode filmed in Mexico, 
you can watch it now.
And the Journey to Joyful world tour is coming along very great.
I hope you can join us somewhere along the journey, either in person 
or with your heart and mind. Join us from anywhere in the world 
Click the flyers below to see more details about these upcoming events!



August 26

Press Release: Dashama's Global Book Tour for Journey to Joyful

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August 26, 2011


August 26, 2011 Travel & Tourism news in Los Angeles,California, United States of America

Dashama will visit 12 countries teaching Pranashama Yoga workshops and retreats during the Global Book Tour for the expanded edition release of Journey to Joyful.

Dashama's Global Book Tour for Journey to Joyful Scheduled to Include 12 Countries in Partnership with Yoga Health Foundation. Dashama's Global Book Tour for Journey to Joyful Scheduled to Include 12 Countries in Partnership with Yoga Health Foundation.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Los Angeles, California, United States of America ( August 26, 2011 --LOS ANGELES, August, 2011 -- Dashama's Global Book Tour, Journey to Joyful, kicks off this September in partnership with National Yoga Month and Yoga Health Foundation. Starting with a 5 day yoga and thai massage immersion in Mexico, she will jet over to Europe at the end of September visiting Finland, Vienna, Paris, Milan, Spain, Scotland, 3 cities in UK, Isle of Man and Ibiza. Her only full week retreat scheduled for this fall will take place in Ibiza, Europe's choice for vacationing in the Mediterranean. The Ibiza Retreat will take place October 8-14 and is accepting a limited number of participants at their private villa on the ocean. Catered by raw organic and vegan cuisine, there will also be seafood options and the group will follow a special diet to help participants detoxify and drop body fat. 3 Yoga Classes per day will be available with plenty of time to soak up the sunshine and jog along the cliffs over looking aqua blue ocean views. On October 21 & 21 Dashama and Dave Smyth will cut the ribbon for the first Pranashama Yoga Studio on the Isle of Man. Located between UK and Ireland in the Irish Sea, Isle of Man is a hide-away escape for Londoners who are known to commute to and from work by a short 40 minute flight to avoid hectic city traffic. The ribbon cutting and workshops sold out in less then 12 hours, but there will be video footage captured and viewable, as the entire tour is being broadcast via Youtube and Dashama's Online Journey to Joyful Reality TV Show .

Journey to Joyful is being called 'The New Yoga Bible" by her publishers at North Atlantic Books and has been praised by magazines and her peers as an important book to inspire readers to live a happy healthy life, despite life's challenges and especially in times of adversity. Jetting back to the USA, Dashama will fly directly into NYC October 24, to attend 'An Evening with Ralph Lauren Charity Event', hosted by RL and Oprah Winfrey. "In times of great economic, environmental and health related challenges, such as those we are facing right now, it is imperative that we have great leadership to help people see a light at the end of the tunnel. Better days are coming and the next golden age is closer then we think. Right now, people are discovering the true essence of happiness and being encouraged to look within themselves for courage, strength and to discover their unique purpose. The more people who are ignited with purpose for their life, the better this world can become. When we allow others time and space to shine, we collectively create a more beautiful world for us all to live in. It's a win-win for all."

[video: 600x400]

August 19

Dashama & Journey to Joyful on Good Day LA Fox News!

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August 19, 2011

Aloha Loves!

Last Thursday we were invited to the Shape Up America fitness expo at the Grove in Los Angeles, and featured with other celebrity fitness and health gurus on Good Day LA Fox News. 

August 05

Daily Meditation: Loving Kindness & Being with What Is.

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August 05, 2011
"To solve the human equation, we need to add love, subtract hate, multiply good, and divide between truth and error."
-- Janet Coleman
Aloha My Love,
How are you?

Since I have been back from Bali,

I have been waking up at the sunrise and being still with the silence. 
Allowing my mind to go in whichever direction it will, 
and bringing it back to the center, back with my breath --gently. 
I'm really working on being more gentle with myself. 
And I would offer that we can all benefit from this practice. 
Loving kindness with what is. 
Whatever is occurring for you. 
Whatever is arising in your life. 
Surrender and stop for a moment. 
See that it is all divine. 
All that is happening --these forces are from a greater power at play. 
Allow these subtle messages to be your guiding angels. 
Listen deeply and sincerely and know that the 
answers will all be revealed to you, in the stillness of the present
All we have to do is: ASK.
Ask for help, ask for what you need. 
And expect that you will always be given exactly what you 
Not always what you WANT.. that is the hard part for most of us.
I ask and sometimes things show up so quickly I'm shocked!
And then sometimes I'm asking in 10 different ways and 
the messages are not getting through, or so it appears!
So, then I am reminded: 
All occurs in divine time. 
Be patience and grace -- allow for the unfolding of
the beauty of the master plan of your life and
all your heart's desires will come to fruition. 
The key is trust, clarity and emptiness. 
We must empty our cup of expections and projection. 
Release the traumas from the past and let go of our story. 
Be open to receive and the blessing will surely come in 
a more beautiful package then we could have ever envisioned!
Empty my cup and fill me with love. 
Guide me with thy will and reveal to me where I am needing to grow. 
Then offer me the options that I may take advantage 
of the resources this abundant life has to offer. 
What must I let go of to create space for the greater more 
expanded version of who I am, who we are as a human family and as a 
global community?
These have been my mantras, my meditations this week.
The answers that came to me:
One thing that has come to me is that many people ask if they can get the 
30DYC home study course for the discount price, even after the sale has ended. 
This has urged me to create a new option, which lowers the price and 
gives you a 2 payment option, so you can access this transformational 
home study course without money being an issue. 
You can see the new price is lower and you can pay in 2 installments, 
for even greater accessibility: 
Another thing I have created, in response to the inquiries about Europe
and Mexico training options are 2 week long Pranashama Yoga
Training Retreats, you can see the details and register here: 
and click the link to see info, pics and to register for the Ibiza Training Retreat. 
These will both give you 50 hours toward your Pranashama Yoga
Teacher Certification and also can act as a catalyst to help you 
create what your heart is desiring right now. 
Even if that is just some peace and yoga in paradise :)
Last year we really had an amazing time in Ibiza. 

One of the hugest breakthroughs I had in Ibiza was in relation to 
abundance. I even wrote an amazing article about it, called
"A Beggar in the Kingdom" which I will release to you one day...
or perhaps it will be a chapter in my next book :)
If you didn't know already about my story, I actually grew up very poor. 
We bought our food with foodstamps and received the government WIC free
cheese and milk as well. Since we didn't have funds for new shoes, we always
wore hand me downs. My shoes were so tight growing up, some of my toes 
got cramped and it took me years to uncramp them through some yoga foot 
exercises. That's why I laugh sometimes when the foot fetish viewers
comment about how cute my feet are on youtube!! :) hehe
My mother received an SSI check due to her clinically diagnosed schizophrenic mental 
disorder, and that was how we got by. I can remember walking 2 miles
to the local mini part, Mr. Pope's to buy an orange orange sherbert push pop for 1
food stamp dollar. Mr. Pope didn't typically take food stamps, since his shop was a 
gas station, but he made the exception for us. My sisters and I were a sight to see!
4 tiny little girls walking 2 miles in the summer to buy an ice cream cone with a food stamp!
I'll tell you one thing: 
I enjoyed and appreciated every single last lick of that push pop, 
It made me a more grateful human being to grow up with nothing. 
I wouldn't change the past for anything in the world. 
So, for me, the process of allowing abundance into my life has not been easy. 
For years, I wanted to give everything away all the time and had a terrible time 
charging a price for anything I did. As a result of that, for many years I was broke
and struggling and in debt. 
Another thing that has taken me my entire life so far to do is to 
ask for help.
Growing up in foster homes, I didn't know who I could 
trust for help or support. So, I learned very early to do everything for 
myself. That was a good thing to a certain extent, as it made me very self 
sufficient.  Most people can see how much I can create on my own. 
But now I am being called to co-create and collaborate. 
I want to work with many others and am breaking through my 
trust barriers all the time. I am excited about the upcoming Journey to Joyful 
book tour, since I know this is the first big step in the direction toward
the vision of global unity that I have been holding so closely in my heart
all of these years. I made this video a few years ago, if you didn't see it
I know it begins with me, it begins with YOU and together we 
can make it a reality. 
Over the years, I have been blessed with the courage to seek guidance 
and find mentors who would help me along the way. 
Although when I did have the money, I have always preferred to go to live
trainings with my teachers, as these catalyze the greatest shift for me...
Many times, these mentors have taught me through online courses,
which were the only things I could afford. 
I got scammed online a few times, at the age 18 I paid over
$4,000 for a program I didn't have the money for,
and later realized it wasn't even something I really cared at all about. 
So, I have learned through the school of hard knocks and I know what it is 
like to be on both sides of the stick. 
Being broke sucks. 
And to have abundance is great, but it can make people 
act differently toward you as well. 
So, there is a careful balance we all must find in life. 
This balance must take place in the mind first. 
We see ourselves in one way--
and we hopefully behave in alignment with that vision. 
This is true balance. 
Mind, body, heart and soul in alignment. 
One common vision bridging them all together. 
This is a strong force and nothing on earth can ever 
stop such a force from reaching the brightness of the sunshine 
or the radiance of the star-shine, here on earth. 
You are a star. 
You are meant to shine. 
So, shine on you crazy diamond!
I hope to meet you sometime soon.
Blessings and Love all ways, 
***PS. The affiliate program is a winning idea so far! My long time friend and co-creator Ryan, who also joined us in Bali to share some of his brilliant internet marketing strategies with the new Pranashama Yoga Teachers, is also the master mind behind the Affiliate program.
If you learn the system (and it is super easy btw) you can make BIG extra income. Dave Smyth earned $900 his first week in the program by referring 2 students to the Bali Yoga Training retreat next summer. And you can do this too. Here is the link to register: 
Contact me or if you have any questions. He's going to be providing support in this arena, and we'll give more info later.
PPS. We are looking for few new blog contributors for both and Both of these get thousands of visitors each month and 
I don't always have time to post new blogs each week.. although I try, there is only so much time in the day.
So, if you are a great writer, passionate about what you do and
can write about topics like yoga, health, fitness, mind, body, spiritual or even eco fashion and nutrition, I would love to connect with you to see if your blogs would be a great fit for the community.
One of my new Prana Shaman, Dave Smyth from Isle of Mann will begin blogging for us soon, so that is very exciting! He is not a 500 hour registered yoga teacher as well as a very accomplished musician! His CD album is at #3 in Europe for Classic Rock right now! Go Dave!! You are so awesome :)
We can all share and in that sharing, there is tremendous growth.
You can gain exposure to a wider audience and we all benefit from your brilliance.
Email me or if you want to know more.
Be sure to join us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube where I post all the new pics, videos and info.
Blessings and Love xoxo


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