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May 01

Planting Seeds of Intention to Create the Life of Your Dreams

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May 01, 2011

"Love is not something you look for,
Love is something you become."
-- Langley

Aloha My Love!

How are you?
What has been the focus of your heart and mind this week?

Happy May Day!

Today is a wonderful day to set intentions and create goals for the next 3-6 months.

Throughout history, springtime has always been the time for planting seeds, we till the soil and fertilize to nourish the seedlings.

During the summer, we tend to these crops, watering them, keeping them healthy and showering them with some attention from time to time.

So that in the fall, we may harvest the fruit of our labor and enjoy the rewards of our work.

That is what I am focused on right now and encourage you to do the same. As a community, let's all collectively place our intentions upon creative efforts to manifest more love, joy and abundance in our lives, in our communities and in the world. 

February 28

Awaken Your Divinity with Love + Save $100 on Malibu Retreat 1 Day Only XOXO

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February 28, 2011
"Since love grows within you, so beauty grows.
For love is the beauty of the soul."
-- Saint Augustine


Stress is always on the top of the list for every major and minor illness and disease, this is preventative holistic medicine at its finest!

Aloha My Love!
Maybe you are wondering: What is Thai Yoga Therapy? 
This ancient 'folk art' was originally developed thousands of years ago for the royal families during the time of the Buddha. Sometimes called "Lazy Man's Yoga" it offers the best of what yoga has to offer without requiring any effort on the part of the receiver. Combining the most powerful stress relief and healing techniques from Yoga, Accupressure massage, meridian therapy and meditation, both the giver and receiver experience incredible and profoundly therapeutic benefits that can last for days after.
My Thai Yoga Story: 
For me, Thai Yoga was one of the most profoundly healing and heart opening experiences I have ever had. It was through giving and receiving this loving exchange that I learned to forgive myself, over come deep anger I had been harboring in my heart and to awaken to my true divine nature which is infinite love and unbounded potentiality. So you can see why I am so passionate about this Retreat!
Meet my friend and co-teacher Michael Buck "Mukti"

We are VERY HONORED to have Michael Buck, celebrity yogi and founder of Vedic Conservatory, joining us from across the country for this very special event. "Mukti" has personally administered over 40,000 thai yoga sessions and certified thousands of thai yoga massage practitioners from around the world. His events always sell out and have a waiting list and I am excited to introduce his exquisite gifts to you and the entire community. You can learn more about him on his website here.
**If you can only make it to 1 or 2 events this year, this should be one of them, without question.
Here are a few testimonials from previous clients of mine:

Thai Yoga massage with you is a deeply satisfying, physically and spiritually, it beats any regular massage I have ever experienced. The effects of Thai Yoga Massage lasts for days." ~Nelson Corbrera, Boca Raton


Dashama is a beautiful young woman who appears delicate but beyond the surface beauty she has a deceptively strong body and mind. She used Thai Yoga to manipulate my 40 year old frame into positions I've not dreamed of since my late 20's. Coupled with her informed instruction and directed meditation this strong physical manipulation leads to a long lasting feeling of health and well being."

~Lowell Jones, CEO, Ft. Lauderdale, FL



February 14

Beloved, Will You Be My Valentine?

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February 14, 2011


Dear Beloved,

I have missed you.

I have dreamed of you for all eternity.

January 04

**Yogi of the month January 2011**

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January 04, 2011

[video: 500x300]

Check out my newest video: what is bhakti yoga to learn more about this aspect of yoga, love and devotion. And join me for a weekend of love and yoga in April at

Love you!