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April 19

Michelle Obama, First Lady leading Perfect 10 Lifestyle!

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April 19, 2011

Michelle Obama's Let's Move plan is a perfect example of an essential solution whose time has come. We are living in a time where one out of every 3 children is clinically obese and the numbers are rising. Now more then ever we need leaders and role models who will guide the youth of our world to a healthier relationship with food and fitness and Michelle is doing a wonderful job! She began leading by example when she planted the first fruit and vegetable garden at the White House. Never before had a first lady taken such initiative in this direction. She leads by example with her own life, waking early each morning to make time for exercise and yoga to keep her own body temple healthy and vital. She also demonstrates this with her children, encouraging them to be active in school and after school programs.

These are the signs of a true leader, one who stands for what she believes in and walks the talk in her own life. Naturally, this lead to the creation of her national initiative, Let's Move, which educates and encourages children to eat healthier, exercise and create a healthier lifestyle. Disney recognized the power and necessity of her plan and immediately they co-created a multi-platform campaign targeting youth to get moving. When it comes to lifestyle and health, the most important step is to become educated. People must know the better options that are available and also that it can be easily accomplished to switch from a poor choice to a healthier option, and can be done inexpensively. This is precisely what Michelle Obama is creating and she is doing a beautiful job.

As her initiative continues, I envision she will partner with leading experts in lifestyle, fitness and holistic health, prevention oriented programs will continue to evolve from her lead and the obesity numbers will begin to decline for the first time in many years.