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December 04

{VIDEO} Free Hugs Campaign - Jason Mraz - I'm Yours with Dashama

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December 04, 2011
Aloha my love!
I hope you had a beautiful weekend. 
I'm excited to share with you the new video I produced last week. 
It's part of a Hugs & Love Challenge I created with 
and which is free to join and starting next week. 
It's simple. 
All you have to do is hug at least one person each day for 2 weeks. 
This is perfect for the holiday times (and all year round) since this is such 
a stressful time of year for many people, and hugging helps relieve stress!
Not only that, but scientifically speaking, hugging has been linked to improved
heart health and reversal of depression ;)
Need I say more?
Watch the video here: 
(ps. I think you'll love the soundtrack I picked! :)
I'll send out the link when its ready for you to join, its FREE! 
Other Exciting News
Croatia Retreat "Discover the Fountain of Youth" May 2012
**Please NOTE: This is the only 1 week training program I'm leading in 2012 in Europe. 
If you live in Europe and want to join me for a week long, 50 hour 
yoga, thai yoga and health transformation retreat, this is the one to come to. 
(Scroll to midway down to read details about this retreat)
Check out the gorgeous resort we're staying at in Croatia!
**Get 10% off ($290 savings) when you register before the end of 2011. 
The 30 Day Yoga Traning Retreat in Isle of Man, June/July 2012

**Selling out quickly - This is only open to yoga teachers (already 200 hour certified) who are seeking 500 hour certification and in depth studies. There are only 12 spots available,
so early registration is a must. 
Click here for more info and to apply: 
30 Day Yoga Training Retreat in Bali is Filling Up!

Are you ready to become a certified yoga teacher?
Or perhaps you just need a structured program to get you on track 
and to create discipline, get in great shape and have the time of your life?
You can join us for 1 week-4 weeks depending upon your goals and desires. 
We had a few more register in the past week. 
Click here for more info and to apply: 
*************************** Website Design is underway!
Last but not least, the new website will be finished by the end of January. We strive to include all of the newly certified Pranashama Yoga teachers worldwide
as well as contact info for them and for the Pranashama Yoga studios that are 
being opened around the world as well. Our Portugal location will be opening 
summer 2012, so stay tuned for more info about that. 
I'm excited to announce the design will be created by the same brilliant 
artist who created (celebrity yoga/dance photographer Jasper Johal) 
Please reach out and connect with me on facebook or twitter if you have any questions 
or just want to say hello!
Blessings, Love and Laughter, 




October 20

Dreams coming True! Pranashama Yoga on the Isle of Man, UK

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October 20, 2011

When I was a little girl, I used to dream of visiting castles and horse back riding through emerald green fields along cliff sides and through Sherwood forest type settings.

This was inspired by British grandparents (from London), my love of Robbin Hood as well as the book Scarlett (the sequel to Gone with the Wind).

Back in those days, they were merely fantasies I'd entertain in my mind and hardly had a thought these dreams could come true and one day I'd be here, living my dreams to the fullest.

As a child we had very little money, my parents built our home deep in the forest miles away from everyone, to be more connected with nature and possibly so we didn't have to interact with the hectic stresses like other people in society. We had a garden, a wood stove to cook and heat our home and my mother always made our clothing and all meals with her own hands. As result of this, I had found solace in practicing yoga, hiking, swimming in the rivers and reading adventure fantasy and mystery novels from a young age.

The power of the mind is what fascinates me deeply more then anything these days. As soon as we allow a single thought into our mind, we are already on our way to creating the material manifestation in our lives. Most people go around doing this unconsciously, therefore are creating a life by default and wondering why things are turning out this way.

September 26

Pranashama Yoga Training Retreat on the Isle of Man Oct 15-21, 2011

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September 26, 2011
 Join us for a week of Pranashama Yoga training and receive up to 50 hours toward your yoga teacher certification. Isle of man is a magical special place on earth and I am honored to be cutting the ribbon on my first yoga studio in IOM.

Click the flyer above to view more details and to register!
See you soon!
Blessings, Love and Namaste, Dashama
February 28

Awaken Your Divinity with Love + Save $100 on Malibu Retreat 1 Day Only XOXO

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February 28, 2011
"Since love grows within you, so beauty grows.
For love is the beauty of the soul."
-- Saint Augustine


Stress is always on the top of the list for every major and minor illness and disease, this is preventative holistic medicine at its finest!

Aloha My Love!
Maybe you are wondering: What is Thai Yoga Therapy? 
This ancient 'folk art' was originally developed thousands of years ago for the royal families during the time of the Buddha. Sometimes called "Lazy Man's Yoga" it offers the best of what yoga has to offer without requiring any effort on the part of the receiver. Combining the most powerful stress relief and healing techniques from Yoga, Accupressure massage, meridian therapy and meditation, both the giver and receiver experience incredible and profoundly therapeutic benefits that can last for days after.
My Thai Yoga Story: 
For me, Thai Yoga was one of the most profoundly healing and heart opening experiences I have ever had. It was through giving and receiving this loving exchange that I learned to forgive myself, over come deep anger I had been harboring in my heart and to awaken to my true divine nature which is infinite love and unbounded potentiality. So you can see why I am so passionate about this Retreat!
Meet my friend and co-teacher Michael Buck "Mukti"

We are VERY HONORED to have Michael Buck, celebrity yogi and founder of Vedic Conservatory, joining us from across the country for this very special event. "Mukti" has personally administered over 40,000 thai yoga sessions and certified thousands of thai yoga massage practitioners from around the world. His events always sell out and have a waiting list and I am excited to introduce his exquisite gifts to you and the entire community. You can learn more about him on his website here.
**If you can only make it to 1 or 2 events this year, this should be one of them, without question.
Here are a few testimonials from previous clients of mine:

Thai Yoga massage with you is a deeply satisfying, physically and spiritually, it beats any regular massage I have ever experienced. The effects of Thai Yoga Massage lasts for days." ~Nelson Corbrera, Boca Raton


Dashama is a beautiful young woman who appears delicate but beyond the surface beauty she has a deceptively strong body and mind. She used Thai Yoga to manipulate my 40 year old frame into positions I've not dreamed of since my late 20's. Coupled with her informed instruction and directed meditation this strong physical manipulation leads to a long lasting feeling of health and well being."

~Lowell Jones, CEO, Ft. Lauderdale, FL



February 26

Malibu Yoga & Thai Massage Retreat March 2011

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February 26, 2011

Dashama & Chris (photoshoot from Thai Yoga DVD)

Aloha Love!

Have you been dreaming of escaping the hectic chaos of every day life and immersing yourself into the world of yoga and healing bliss?

Join us!

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