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November 10

Happy 11.11.11 Celebrate New Beginnings! xoxo

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November 10, 2011

Aloha my love!

First of all, what does it mean, 11/11/11 and why do we celebrate such a day?

This numerology has a very deep meaning. The number 11 represents new beginnings and even a new chapter and way of being. It is also representative of life mastery, especially in a spiritual sense.

November 01

What Can You Expect to Experience at a Yoga Retreat?

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November 01, 2011

I've been attending and leading yoga retreats for many years.

In fact, it was from some of my world travel experiences that I made the decision to become a yoga teacher and lead these transformational retreats as a career.

I had experienced such a depth of understanding about myself, the cultures of this world and a deeper appreciation for the magical mystery of life during these travels, I knew I had to share this with others.

Thus, my company was created, back in 2004.

June 17

Day 13- Aloha from Bali Yoga Training Retreat

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June 17, 2011

(Dashama near Kuta Beach, Bali 2011)

Aloha my love, I am writing you from Ananda Resort, overlooking the rice fields & monkey jungle 
with the warm sunshine and breezes melting my heart more each day.
This journey has been far more profound than any of us had ever expected, 
as the entire group has been experiencing the deep transformational 
Pranashama Yoga program.
For the first week, each day was dedicated to one of the major energy centers, 
as we dove in deep into our chakras to discover who and what we truly are creating in our lives. 
Life long friendships are being formed, through the hours of laughing, crying, anger, bliss and a full spectrum of emotions have been arising for our group as we journey toward a more expanded state of living and being.
The food has been nothing short of DELICIOUS!
Far exceeding my expectations, we discovered raw, vegan, healthy, 
seafood and many other options available at local restraunts in Ubud, to nourish our bodies and souls in alignment with the 3 Stage Energy Detox Diet plan. :) Yay!
Superfood smoothies each day for lunch has been the winning selection 
to keep our energy levels high to practice yoga all day every day, (we've been starting at 7am!)
The group's favorite has been the chocolate butterfly... I will post some of these amazing 
recipes in the members area asap when I get some time :)

30DYC Continues...
For everyone who is practing along with us from home to experience this 30DYC Lifestyle transformation, WE ARE SENDING YOU OUR LOVE!
There is still time to register and join in with the community from your home, 
you can CLICK HERE to see both options and register now.
I was delighted to hear that our $1,000 winner from 30DYC early this year, is considering getting certified to teach yoga now as well. This is the life shifting that happens all the time with these programs. It is so beautiful to witness
someone become inspired and sharing information that can create health and happiness for others in the world.
Thank you for being the change we wish to see in the world.
The Highlight of our Journey so Far...
I will post the photos and videos from the life shifting experience we had at 
the orphanage this week, as we were surprised to discover the entire group of children (30 in total) was both deaf and mute and for many of them, they were able to hear for the first time, when we played the high pitch healing sound of my Tibetan Singing bowl with the kids!! It was unreal and magical. 
We also played ball with the boys at the orphanage and yoga, dance and much more.
So far, it was the highlight of our trip for many of the Pranashama Yoga students. 
Follow Us...
I have been keeping some updates on facebook and twitter, so you can follow us there. 
We also have a group page, but I have to admit we've been having so much fun immersed here, we haven't been updating the pages as much as we'd planned! ;)
I wanted to post some videos while we are here, but the internet connection is slow... 
I will post them when I get back to the USA.. 
I have hours of footage already and only 1/3 through this journey of a lifetime. 
I am also going to be making the decision to reserve Ananda Resort to host a Pranashama Yoga Training Retreat next summer, so if you are seriously, or casually considering joining us in the future, post on facebook or send an email and let us know you'll be joining us next year.
Today we travel up to the 2nd leg of our journey, at Mimpi Resort, 
located on the ocean with natural hot springs on the property and home of some of the 
best snorkeling and diving locations in the world!
18 days to go!
Sending you love and blessings all ways,
Love, Light and Namaste


March 08

Surrendering to Divine Will for Your Life

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March 08, 2011
What's Happening at Pranashama Yoga Institute?
Surrendering to Divine Will for Your Life
Are you still deciding whether to join us in Bali this summer? 
Well, consider this: in life, it is up to each of us to determine which direction we want our lives to go. We pave our way and in many ways create our future with the decisions we make today. 
So, ask yourself this question:
*What is most important to me right now? 
*What do I want my life to be like in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, or when I'm 90?
*When I look back in 5 years, which decisions will have been most instrumental in shaping the life I am living right now? *Which events, teachers, experiences and opportunities did I allow to be a blessing unto my path? *Where did I resist the stream? *Where did I choose to swim up current instead of going with divine flow? 
In my own journey, it has always been when I had no money, and a ton on my plate that the most amazing opportunities presented themselves to me. 
It is in these moments we make the decisions that shape our life path. 
When I was deciding whether to study abroad in college, I didn't know how I was going to make it happen. All I knew is that I needed to do it - to NURTURE MY SOUL. To fuel my creativity and my longing to see the world in a new way. That trip, just like all of the others, helped shape me in ways I can only begin to understand. It opened my mind and heart. It pushed me past my comfort zone and out of fear. 
The fear of not having enough money is a very common one. This is instilled in us from a young age. At birth our parents start planting these seeds of fear into our unborn unconscious minds. And we are born into this world, pre-wired with the fear of not having enough. 
I can remember almost every trip I have been on around the world, always coming back with nothing in the bank. Broke and happy I like to call it. Yes, it motivated me to work hard when I got back to restock my bank with some funds, but the experience was always so beyond PRICELESS that when the chance would present itself again, repeatedly I said YES. 
I said yes to 6 weeks in India and Israel, even when I had no money and didn't know how I could afford my rent and the plane ticket. Somehow it all worked out. 
When you commit to something in your mind and heart, the universe co-conspires to attract the support you need every time. 
Maybe you can remember times in your life when this has happened for you? 
I know I can. 
Here's a powerful prayer/mantra to help release fears and open to faith and trust: 
I allow my father, the supreme source, to support me abundantly and know I will always be provided for. I always have everything I need and I trust that when I am in alignment with my highest self, all good things flow to me with effortless ease. I am on a divine path guided by love and in pursuit of self actualization. Nothing can stop me but me. I surrender to the will of the universe and let go of all fears that would hold me back from life enhancing and enriching experiences. Amen. 

As we progress along with preparations, I will continue to post blogs and send out emails with reminders and things for you to do, to get ready. 
You can Earn $500 for recommending a friend to join us
Oh btw, we are offering a $500 referral check to anyone in our community who refers a student that ends up joining us in Bali. We still have a few spots left and want to make sure everyone who is supposed to be there with us can be.  Be sure they mention your name when they register so we can credit you for the referral. We will pay you by check, paypal, bank transfer or credit toward any of our events or trainings around the world. 
If you didn't already see it, I have posted the Recommended and Required Reading List for you in my blog, click HERE to read it now. 
I am happy to announce that the producers for Journey of a Lifetime TV Show are reviewing my 2nd video audition submission, which they requested I create. You can view the video by clicking the image below (filmed on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii). 
(click the image below to watch the video) 
I look forward to meeting you soon.
To view the full details and register for the 1, 2, 3 and 4 week Teacher Training / Certification program and Retreat Options, CLICK HERE NOW. Feel free to forward this along to anyone you feel would benefit from joining us in Bali.