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December 30

2011 Year in Review... xoxo

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December 30, 2011
Aloha love,
Here we are, at the completion of another calendar year...
This time of year is such a perfect time for reflection back upon 
what we created with the past 12 months of our lives. 
Whether you are one to set goals, intentions or any other type of 
structured way to put your ideas and dreams into a written form, 
I feel one of the most powerful things we can do is acknowledge
all that you have accomplished already both inside of yourself 
and out in the world. 
For me, the real juicy goodness comes from acknowledging the powerful 
expansion that occurs in our hearts, minds and souls. 
Thoughts like, am I a more compassionate person then this time last year? 
Do I have a good relationship with my father (mother, husband, wife, boss, etc)? 
Have I been of service to others in a positive way, 
when they needed me?
These types of thoughts make us realize the multi dimensional 
creatures we are, and how everything affects everything. 
So this weekend (or right now!), take this time, to sit with yourself. 
All you need is a paper and pen and your own open heart and mind. 
Write 3 headings: 
1). What did I accomplish this year? (list EVERY LITTLE THING! you'll be suprised by all you have done, and it will boost your confidence to take the next steps)
2). Which relationships did I invest time to cultivate, strengthen &/or heal this year?
And then consider:
3). What am I most inspired to create with the next 12 months? 
Every new year (and every day actually) 
we get to start brand new, with a whole new set of paint brushes
and a clean canvas to create the landscape of our heart's desires and dreams. 
*Create (Visualize)- What does your heart & soul desire to create in 2012? 
*Partner (Give)- Who can you partner with to gain (and give) the support 
necessary to take your ideas to the next level and manifest into the material world?
*Opportunities (Receive)- What opportunities are appearing for you now,
that may be in alignment for you to simply open the door
and let in the blessings you've been calling in?
*Let go (allow)- What must you let go of, that is no longer serving you, 
that will allow your life to be more 'In the Flow?'
(ie - pride, ego, being right, etc)
And last but not least, 
*Transform (Become)- What areas of my physical health must I address immediately, 
since I understand that my physical health and condition is often
a map of my mental, emotional and spiritual self expressing itself through 
my physical body. It may take some time, but now is the best time to begin!
These questions should keep you busy for a little while :)
It is my humble desire to help you in any way I can. 
I have created a few new opportunities for us to connect,
if you wish to take our relationship a bit deeper. 
Live Video Coaching!
We can now do online skype coaching here on my friends new website, 
check it out and sign up if you are ready to meet me online. There are several categories 
to select from, topics include: yoga, nutrition, guided meditation, career coaching for
yoga teachers and health professionals, and more :)
We're adding a Pranashama YTT in Miami Beach, USA!
If you didn't know yet, I have relocated back to Miami Beach, FL to live.
After almost 2 years in LA, I missed my warm aqua blue ocean,
clean air to breath and amazing sunshine. They don't call Miami
"Magic City" for no reason! It is truly wonderful here :)

I can't wait to share this place with you!

I've been scouting for locations to host a training,
and have found a perfect one!
This March (dates tba asap) I will host a 7-14 day 
YTT program, which you can earn up to 100 hours toward
your yoga teacher training certification in the gorgeous Miami Beach :)
If you are interested in learning about this, there will be a limited 
number of spots available and pre-registration must be made by Feb. 1, 2012.. 
so post on facebook or email me directly if you would like to be put on the 
waiting list for that training.  And stay tuned for more details. 
2012 Scholarship Contest 
The contest is going great. We have over 30 entries now, and growing. 
If you have a desire to join us in Bali this June for the 30 day yoga training 
retreat, but finances are an obstacle, please enter to possibly win a scholarship. 
Keep in mind, we will award more then just the full ride. We also 
are offering several $500 scholarships to help people out with tuition, 
for this life changing transformational Journey of a Lifetime. 
Check out the inspiring stories and VOTE for your favorites online:
Croatia Yoga & Healing Retreat May 19-26, 2012
Last few days to save 10% off the 7 day retreat in Europe's 
#1 Destination for Healing Retreats. I'd really love to meet you there, 
and explore what this country has to offer, with its magestic landscapes, 
rocky cliffs over the ocean and waterfalls throughout. 
See the website for more details and to register. You can secure your spot with a simple deposit on the website.
Are you Ready to Start the New Year with Amazing Health?
FREE S&H on all orders (domestic) and reduced rates for Int'l shipping
through Jan 1, 2012. Join us for the Green Smoothie Cleanse and get your 
New Year started with great health, drop that excess fat from your holiday 
parties and get clear to manifest your hearts desires. 
And we finally added the 6 DVD set back to the inventory, you can 
get it by itself or with the entire 30DYC Home Study Program. 
Infinite blessings for you on your path. 

Love, Light and Namaste, 



December 04

{VIDEO} Free Hugs Campaign - Jason Mraz - I'm Yours with Dashama

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December 04, 2011
Aloha my love!
I hope you had a beautiful weekend. 
I'm excited to share with you the new video I produced last week. 
It's part of a Hugs & Love Challenge I created with 
and which is free to join and starting next week. 
It's simple. 
All you have to do is hug at least one person each day for 2 weeks. 
This is perfect for the holiday times (and all year round) since this is such 
a stressful time of year for many people, and hugging helps relieve stress!
Not only that, but scientifically speaking, hugging has been linked to improved
heart health and reversal of depression ;)
Need I say more?
Watch the video here: 
(ps. I think you'll love the soundtrack I picked! :)
I'll send out the link when its ready for you to join, its FREE! 
Other Exciting News
Croatia Retreat "Discover the Fountain of Youth" May 2012
**Please NOTE: This is the only 1 week training program I'm leading in 2012 in Europe. 
If you live in Europe and want to join me for a week long, 50 hour 
yoga, thai yoga and health transformation retreat, this is the one to come to. 
(Scroll to midway down to read details about this retreat)
Check out the gorgeous resort we're staying at in Croatia!
**Get 10% off ($290 savings) when you register before the end of 2011. 
The 30 Day Yoga Traning Retreat in Isle of Man, June/July 2012

**Selling out quickly - This is only open to yoga teachers (already 200 hour certified) who are seeking 500 hour certification and in depth studies. There are only 12 spots available,
so early registration is a must. 
Click here for more info and to apply: 
30 Day Yoga Training Retreat in Bali is Filling Up!

Are you ready to become a certified yoga teacher?
Or perhaps you just need a structured program to get you on track 
and to create discipline, get in great shape and have the time of your life?
You can join us for 1 week-4 weeks depending upon your goals and desires. 
We had a few more register in the past week. 
Click here for more info and to apply: 
*************************** Website Design is underway!
Last but not least, the new website will be finished by the end of January. We strive to include all of the newly certified Pranashama Yoga teachers worldwide
as well as contact info for them and for the Pranashama Yoga studios that are 
being opened around the world as well. Our Portugal location will be opening 
summer 2012, so stay tuned for more info about that. 
I'm excited to announce the design will be created by the same brilliant 
artist who created (celebrity yoga/dance photographer Jasper Johal) 
Please reach out and connect with me on facebook or twitter if you have any questions 
or just want to say hello!
Blessings, Love and Laughter, 




November 16

Thanksgiving Gifts - Free Yoga Downloads **Pranashama Yoga Training Manual + Meditation Mp3**

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November 16, 2011

As a special gift for Thanksgiving I have 2 free downloads for you, go check them out online:

November 10

Happy 11.11.11 Celebrate New Beginnings! xoxo

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November 10, 2011

Aloha my love!

First of all, what does it mean, 11/11/11 and why do we celebrate such a day?

This numerology has a very deep meaning. The number 11 represents new beginnings and even a new chapter and way of being. It is also representative of life mastery, especially in a spiritual sense.

November 01

What Can You Expect to Experience at a Yoga Retreat?

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November 01, 2011

I've been attending and leading yoga retreats for many years.

In fact, it was from some of my world travel experiences that I made the decision to become a yoga teacher and lead these transformational retreats as a career.

I had experienced such a depth of understanding about myself, the cultures of this world and a deeper appreciation for the magical mystery of life during these travels, I knew I had to share this with others.

Thus, my company was created, back in 2004.

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