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The Guru In You... What I learned at Eselan Institute  [edit] 

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April 10, 2011


Today I am up in San Francisco with my sister Bokhara. I just got out of a 5 day private retreat at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA... I believe fully in taking personal retreats to create space to allow what would unfold within and around your life to be born. I was also scoping that location for future retreats and filming for Bella Petite Magazine as their new lifestyle expert.
The Guru In YOU

I imagine you have begun to figure out by now that I am not perfect ;)
And in that realization, you may also begin to know that no one is perfect! And that if you put others on a pedestal of perfection, you will inevitably be let down at some point. I encourage you to find the Guru in You and seek within for your guidance, as the truth exists within you in such a powerful and unique way, it is impossible to deny. 
It was such a tremendous opportunity for growth at Esalen. It always happens that way. When we take ourselves out of our normal day to day environment and go away for a week or more, we discover aspects of ourselves that we may have not even realized existed. 
I was invited to Esalen by a client who I've known for years, but haven't worked with him directly since I moved to LA last year. He actually wanted to explore to see if him and I had a more personal intimate connection. And since we have ended our professional experience, I decided I had nothing to lose, so I gave it a shot. 
I approach every experience with an open mind and heart, ready to see where the flow of the stream will take me. So, it was almost immediately that the truth of our relationship revealed itself with blatant obviousness. 
True Communication is more about LISTENING then speaking. 
In my open desire to share all of myself with this person, I began to share a deep and personal story with him, something I don't tell many people. I began the story with a very telling prelude, to set the tone and help him to see the direction I was going with this story. He showed very quickly that he was not listening, by the comments he made mid conversation, and I knew immediately that to share something of this depth was beyond his capacity to relate and it would fall upon deaf ears if I continued, so I decided not to finish the details. 

The end result I discovered was that humans often default into our unconscious patterns and not even realize we are doing hurtful things to each other. We fail to truly listen to what people are saying, as we are allowing the color of our expectations to paint the landscape of our reality and we project our desires upon others without asking permission at the soul level.
Needless to say, it was intense.
Thankfully, I met a new best friend there, Niccole, a PhD psychologist from the Bay area who just so happened to be in the same painting workshop as I was and we hit it off immediately. We had an instant soul connection. I learned so much about myself in the budding of our new friendship and the sharing of our soul journey. She too had overcome a past of addiction and spent many years doing the inner journey work to heal her challenging childhood and personal destructive patterns and was now living a life in constant amazement of the unfolding journey to joyful
It was wonderful to connect with the others at Esalen, and I have already begun to arrange my yoga retreat that I plan to lead there next year. It's a place I hope to return to many times and can't wait to share this powerful portal of transformation with you as well. 
I also filmed a piece for Bella Petite magazine, as their lifestyle expert. I will post that video next week when I get to finish editing it. 
I painted 2 masterpieces ;) A Van Gogh and an impressionistic sunset landscape. Getting back into my love and passion for painting was extremely inspiring. 
At the end of the week, I left with a greater sense of commitment to my path. To the unconditional promise I made to myself years ago to honor my intuition, follow my heart and never let anyone put me in a box of their projection and expectation. I honor my own creative soul as I honor yours as well -- on the deepest level I know that you and I are one soul journeying in very different lives and when the time to leave these bodies arrives, we will once again reunite at the source and dance amongst the cosmos as the stardust and with angels singing and with freedom's infinite rejoice. 
Until that moment, let us embody that dance in this life.
Even if our dance is not always to the same music, it is the love of the dance that inspires my life and fills my heart with joy and wonder to both witness and experience the blessed unfolding of our journey together. Sending you love all ways, Namaste, Dashama

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