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September 26

Set Intentions, Plant Seeds & Celebrate Life!

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September 26, 2011


Aloha my love!
How are you? 
Tomorrow marks the beginning of some very special holidays around the world, including Navaratri - the 9 day festival to celebrate the Goddess within all of us and soon Rosh Hashanah the Hebrew holiday begins as well. Both of these holidays are created for us to take a little time to go within and focus on the spiritual aspects of our divine nature. 
Navaratri is broken down into 3 - 3 day mini festivals. Even if your beliefs are of 
one specific faith or religion, this festival can help remind you of the important aspects of 
being alive and help you eliminate anything that may not be serving your highest good. 
*Day 1-3 is dedicated to Kali and detoxifying/ cleansing and purging out darkness (laziness, fatigue, depression, toxicity, illness, sickness, negativity, poverty, etc) that 
may be blocking you from your highest potential. 
*Day 4-6 is dedicated to Laxshmi to invoke joy, love, beauty and prosperity in your life. 
*Day 7-9 is all about Saraswati, the icon of music reminding us to celebrate, dance, sing, 
play music and enjoy all of the joy and happiness that life has to offer. 
This is also the beginning of a transition from the summer into autumn and the changes that take place as the earth prepares for the colder months ahead (Northern Hemisphere)
You may even feel your internal clock slowing down and the desire to look within yourself to discover more of who you are in new and interesting ways. 
If you happen to live in the Southern hemisphere, this is time for celebration as you move out of winter toward Spring time! Welcoming in the new growth and planting seeds to tend over the coming months and days. 
Regardless of where your home is on Earth right now, the new moon is a powerful time to ask the Universe for what you desire and to let go of any attachment to the outcome.
Just know that it is coming, all great blessings start out as tiny seeds we plant first in our minds, then release out into the fertile soil of our hearts. Watering it daily and nourishing your dreams with faith, you will be amazed to see how daily actions lead to the harvest of divine fruit in your life. 
I see this happen all the time in my own life. 
I have planted many seeds in the past, some were even planted years ago. 
Never losing faith, I have been allowing the river to guide and
to stay in the flow of divine synchronicity allowing seeds to grow and the
fruit to ripen. 

The rich harvest of your labor is coming soon and now is the time to just 
allow the blessings to enter into your life. 

You deserve it, you are worthy, you are so much greater then you can even imagine.
I feel so grateful and blessed to stay connected to you. 
It would be wonderful to meet you sometime soon. 
October 9-23 I will be in Vienna, Dublin, Isle of Man, London and NYC. 
Discover the Fountain of Youth workshop on the Isle of Man is sold out
October 21/22.
We have just a few more spots left for:
 Pranashama Yoga Training Retreat on the Isle of Man Oct 15-21. 
(click the link above for more info & to register)


This is guaranteed to be a transformational week in a magical castle 
covered island in the Irish Sea. Recently, news has reported IOM to be
a place on earth like Switzerland (neutral, clean, healthy and great place to invest!)
If you life in or near Europe,  please contact me or Dave to reserve your spot for this exclusive intimate retreat adventure.  I am so excited to cut the ribbon for the 
first Pranashama Yoga Studio in the world!
Grand Opening date: 10/21/2011
Journey to Joyful TV has released our first episode filmed in Mexico, 
you can watch it now.
And the Journey to Joyful world tour is coming along very great.
I hope you can join us somewhere along the journey, either in person 
or with your heart and mind. Join us from anywhere in the world 
Click the flyers below to see more details about these upcoming events!



September 21

Happy International Peace Day!

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September 21, 2011

Aloha Love,

Did you know that today is a remarkable holiday, called International Peace Day. People all around the world celebrate peace in our lives, in our hearts and amongst all living people.

This is a perfect time to stop and look within, to discover where there may be areas in your heart or mind that are at war with your self or others.

We carry memory from the past in our cells, in our mind and bodies as well. This leads us to feel negative emotions and triggers conflict in our daily lives.

September 07

Become a Catalyst for Wellness in Your Community or Organization

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September 07, 2011

If you are in the process of making healthy changes, share your endeavors with those around you! Whether your organization is your family, church, community group or workplace, healthy habits can be shared and encouraged among friends, family members, neighbors and co-workers. Group involvement enhances participants' success by creating camaraderie for the pursuit of common goals. Incorporate wellness activities to stimulate a change in the organization's culture. Not all suggestions are feasible for every organization, but they are worth trying.

1.     Form a walking group. Incorporate walk breaks into lunch hours at a worksite or organize a post-dinner family walk.

2.     Initiate a weight-loss challenge. The challenge can create healthy competition for a healthy cause. If participants pay an entry fee, the money collected may be used as prize money for the top "losers," the people who lose the most weight.

3.     Coordinate a healthy recipe potluck. Many work sites have meetings that include food, and many churches hold covered-dish socials. Try adding a rule to encourage more nutritious food selections. Establish entry criteria such as the inclusion of two vegetables or fewer than 20g of fat to ensure entries meet healthful standards.

September 04

Save 50% off 30 Day Yoga Challenge for National Yoga Month

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September 04, 2011

Aloha Love,

In honor of National Yoga Month we are offering a huge 50% savings on the 30DYC Home Study Course. You can opt to participate either with the digital version on receive all 6 DVDs, book, journal and calendar at your home and also have full access to members only online resources when you register. Use coupon code: YOGAMONTH now through Sept 10 to redeem your 50% savings and begin a daily yoga practice, healthy diet and meditation that will transform your life from the inside out.

Also a huge congratulations to Chris Alldredge who is the winner of the summer $1,000 contest. He lost almost 40 pounds on the program and his daily posts on our facebook page are completely inspiring! Join us on there to interact with others following this lifestyle and let us know if you have any questions.

Blessings, Love and Namaste,

August 26

Press Release: Dashama's Global Book Tour for Journey to Joyful

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August 26, 2011


August 26, 2011 Travel & Tourism news in Los Angeles,California, United States of America

Dashama will visit 12 countries teaching Pranashama Yoga workshops and retreats during the Global Book Tour for the expanded edition release of Journey to Joyful.

Dashama's Global Book Tour for Journey to Joyful Scheduled to Include 12 Countries in Partnership with Yoga Health Foundation. Dashama's Global Book Tour for Journey to Joyful Scheduled to Include 12 Countries in Partnership with Yoga Health Foundation.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Los Angeles, California, United States of America ( August 26, 2011 --LOS ANGELES, August, 2011 -- Dashama's Global Book Tour, Journey to Joyful, kicks off this September in partnership with National Yoga Month and Yoga Health Foundation. Starting with a 5 day yoga and thai massage immersion in Mexico, she will jet over to Europe at the end of September visiting Finland, Vienna, Paris, Milan, Spain, Scotland, 3 cities in UK, Isle of Man and Ibiza. Her only full week retreat scheduled for this fall will take place in Ibiza, Europe's choice for vacationing in the Mediterranean. The Ibiza Retreat will take place October 8-14 and is accepting a limited number of participants at their private villa on the ocean. Catered by raw organic and vegan cuisine, there will also be seafood options and the group will follow a special diet to help participants detoxify and drop body fat. 3 Yoga Classes per day will be available with plenty of time to soak up the sunshine and jog along the cliffs over looking aqua blue ocean views. On October 21 & 21 Dashama and Dave Smyth will cut the ribbon for the first Pranashama Yoga Studio on the Isle of Man. Located between UK and Ireland in the Irish Sea, Isle of Man is a hide-away escape for Londoners who are known to commute to and from work by a short 40 minute flight to avoid hectic city traffic. The ribbon cutting and workshops sold out in less then 12 hours, but there will be video footage captured and viewable, as the entire tour is being broadcast via Youtube and Dashama's Online Journey to Joyful Reality TV Show .

Journey to Joyful is being called 'The New Yoga Bible" by her publishers at North Atlantic Books and has been praised by magazines and her peers as an important book to inspire readers to live a happy healthy life, despite life's challenges and especially in times of adversity. Jetting back to the USA, Dashama will fly directly into NYC October 24, to attend 'An Evening with Ralph Lauren Charity Event', hosted by RL and Oprah Winfrey. "In times of great economic, environmental and health related challenges, such as those we are facing right now, it is imperative that we have great leadership to help people see a light at the end of the tunnel. Better days are coming and the next golden age is closer then we think. Right now, people are discovering the true essence of happiness and being encouraged to look within themselves for courage, strength and to discover their unique purpose. The more people who are ignited with purpose for their life, the better this world can become. When we allow others time and space to shine, we collectively create a more beautiful world for us all to live in. It's a win-win for all."

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