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June 17

Day 13- Aloha from Bali Yoga Training Retreat

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June 17, 2011

(Dashama near Kuta Beach, Bali 2011)

Aloha my love, I am writing you from Ananda Resort, overlooking the rice fields & monkey jungle 
with the warm sunshine and breezes melting my heart more each day.
This journey has been far more profound than any of us had ever expected, 
as the entire group has been experiencing the deep transformational 
Pranashama Yoga program.
For the first week, each day was dedicated to one of the major energy centers, 
as we dove in deep into our chakras to discover who and what we truly are creating in our lives. 
Life long friendships are being formed, through the hours of laughing, crying, anger, bliss and a full spectrum of emotions have been arising for our group as we journey toward a more expanded state of living and being.
The food has been nothing short of DELICIOUS!
Far exceeding my expectations, we discovered raw, vegan, healthy, 
seafood and many other options available at local restraunts in Ubud, to nourish our bodies and souls in alignment with the 3 Stage Energy Detox Diet plan. :) Yay!
Superfood smoothies each day for lunch has been the winning selection 
to keep our energy levels high to practice yoga all day every day, (we've been starting at 7am!)
The group's favorite has been the chocolate butterfly... I will post some of these amazing 
recipes in the members area asap when I get some time :)

30DYC Continues...
For everyone who is practing along with us from home to experience this 30DYC Lifestyle transformation, WE ARE SENDING YOU OUR LOVE!
There is still time to register and join in with the community from your home, 
you can CLICK HERE to see both options and register now.
I was delighted to hear that our $1,000 winner from 30DYC early this year, is considering getting certified to teach yoga now as well. This is the life shifting that happens all the time with these programs. It is so beautiful to witness
someone become inspired and sharing information that can create health and happiness for others in the world.
Thank you for being the change we wish to see in the world.
The Highlight of our Journey so Far...
I will post the photos and videos from the life shifting experience we had at 
the orphanage this week, as we were surprised to discover the entire group of children (30 in total) was both deaf and mute and for many of them, they were able to hear for the first time, when we played the high pitch healing sound of my Tibetan Singing bowl with the kids!! It was unreal and magical. 
We also played ball with the boys at the orphanage and yoga, dance and much more.
So far, it was the highlight of our trip for many of the Pranashama Yoga students. 
Follow Us...
I have been keeping some updates on facebook and twitter, so you can follow us there. 
We also have a group page, but I have to admit we've been having so much fun immersed here, we haven't been updating the pages as much as we'd planned! ;)
I wanted to post some videos while we are here, but the internet connection is slow... 
I will post them when I get back to the USA.. 
I have hours of footage already and only 1/3 through this journey of a lifetime. 
I am also going to be making the decision to reserve Ananda Resort to host a Pranashama Yoga Training Retreat next summer, so if you are seriously, or casually considering joining us in the future, post on facebook or send an email and let us know you'll be joining us next year.
Today we travel up to the 2nd leg of our journey, at Mimpi Resort, 
located on the ocean with natural hot springs on the property and home of some of the 
best snorkeling and diving locations in the world!
18 days to go!
Sending you love and blessings all ways,
Love, Light and Namaste


May 22

Weight Loss Success Stories- Shannon & Chris Lost 98 Pounds Combined!

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May 22, 2011

Shannon lost 28 pounds and her whole family is now following the Perfect 10 Lifestyle!


Recently I have been going through the 30DYC success stories to select the winner for the $1,000 Grand Prize from the first half of 2011. I have had a ton of incredible stories submitted, so I have to say, it has not been easy to decide.

So far, I have narrowed it down to 2.

May 15

Harvesting the Juicy Fruit of Your Divine Labor - Full Moon Magic

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May 15, 2011

You are the radiant illumination of the Sun!

Every month we have the blessed opportunity to experience the full cycle of our lunar friend, the moon. She moves around our planet so nonchalantly, it is easy to forget she is there until the lights go down and melt into the horizon of magic hour each night and we are blessed to see the big round sphere rise into the sky like a silver gemstone, illuminating the dark, silent earth beneath.

For the past decade I have been blessed to have many friends, teachers and loved ones who are intimately connected to this cycle of life, the cycle of the moon as she goes through her changes each month, reminds us of a very important truth: the process of planting seeds and harvesting the fruit of our labor.

When the moon is invisible, during the New Moon cycle, she is completely dark, for a full 24 hours. Then she begins her evolution back into the light of the sun toward her fullest day - always in perfect patterns, 2 weeks apart, 4 week cycles, 28 day journeys around the earth.

May 01

Planting Seeds of Intention to Create the Life of Your Dreams

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May 01, 2011

"Love is not something you look for,
Love is something you become."
-- Langley

Aloha My Love!

How are you?
What has been the focus of your heart and mind this week?

Happy May Day!

Today is a wonderful day to set intentions and create goals for the next 3-6 months.

Throughout history, springtime has always been the time for planting seeds, we till the soil and fertilize to nourish the seedlings.

During the summer, we tend to these crops, watering them, keeping them healthy and showering them with some attention from time to time.

So that in the fall, we may harvest the fruit of our labor and enjoy the rewards of our work.

That is what I am focused on right now and encourage you to do the same. As a community, let's all collectively place our intentions upon creative efforts to manifest more love, joy and abundance in our lives, in our communities and in the world. 

April 20

Perfect 10- Mega Gift Giveaway Contest- Week 2

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April 20, 2011


Each week we will have more contests and great opportunities to win. The 10 winners from last week each receive a copy of Journey to Joyful digital ebook version and 2 of them receive the Pranashama Yoga Inspirational Calendar!

This weeks contest is a new and different.

We are giving away a $1,000 scholarship to ONE lucky winner, who can join us in Bali. This can be applied toward any of the 2, 3 or 4 week programs. AND a $500 scholarship that can be applied toward 1 or 2 week Bali Yoga Retreat!

And all training programs will allow you to accumulate hours toward your Yoga Certification if you are ready to take that step. Or, if you are just interested in having the time of your life with us in Bali, join us for a Retreat! You will come up a new person and better for the experience in every way, I can guarantee that. Next week, after the winner is announced, if the winner is unable to travel with us, this prize is transferable, so it can be gifted to someone you love or another member of our community, that way it can be put to good use. Once notified as a winner, you should register asap and contact us if you have any questions: or 347-470-YOGA.

How do you win??

It's very simple. The only rule if you must have read Journey to Joyful or practiced along with one of my Yoga DVDs that are available on Amazon.. So this means you've either bought it, won it, or participated in the 30 Day Yoga Challenge program! You simply go onto and write a review. Stating what you thought about it, what you liked best and how it impacted your life in some way. If you haven't read Journey to Joyful, you can also qualify by posting a review about one of the 5 DVDs I have on amazon as well. 

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