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April 01

Cleansing, Yoga & The Fountain of Youth

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April 01, 2011

"Follow your heart, but be quiet for a while first.
Ask questions, then feel the answer. Learn to trust your heart.
Follow your passion, and success will follow you."
-- Arthur Buddhold

I hope you followed some of the important cleansing suggestions I mentioned in our newsletter last week. I sure did! I was following stage 3 of the 30DYC diet plan this week and consuming 1-2 green smoothies each day. Like always, it was a fantastic experience!
What did I feel?
*Better digestion,
*Cleansed digestive track,
*Improved energy levels
*Decrease in body fat
*and some nasal congestion that I was experiencing completely cleared up in a matter of days. 
It's a powerful practice and habit to create, to cleanse one week out of each month. 
I've been doing it for years and I encourage all my clients, students and people who follow my programs to join us in this routine. It will only serve you in the long run, with great health. 
I've heard so many times people ask me, "wow! how old are you Dashama?" and when I tell them, they are almost always shocked. The reason for this is simple: they say I look about 5-10 years younger then I am. In fact, I had my metabolic age tested and the tests confirmed this~ it said I am physically the age of 14! That takes into account how the organs and inner systems are functioning, bone density, body fat to muscle ratio, etc. 
I attribute my youthful appearance and vitality in large part to my diet, yoga and exercise practices. 
When you let go of stress, toxins and the heavy burdens that are weighing you down, years can be lifted from your face and body in a matter of moments and over night you can be transformed. (sometimes it takes a bit longer, depending upon how ready you are to let go). 
That is one of the motivating forces that has kept me sharing this information for years. 
I see the benefits in my own life, I hear the success stories from people around the world who follow this lifestyle and I am always inspired by the break throughs people experience when they integrate some of these simple techniques and habits into daily living. 
Bikini Season is Just 11 weeks away!
With just 11 weeks until bikini season officially begins, NOW is the perfect time to begin the 30DYC Renew You program! This is the most comprehensive system I've ever released. If you haven't tried it yet, join hundreds of others who are currently participating and enroll to get the support of the community and me on your team. 

TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More
And on this team the winning formula is: You + 30DYC = Healthy, Happy, Habits
For a limited time, you will receive the 6 -30DYC DVDs FREE with the program when you order by April 1. 

What's New? 
This week I am focused on creating the Yoga Teacher Training manual for our program in Bali. 
I am including over 7 sequences and 200 poses in the manual, all from the photos we shot 2 weeks ago for the Journey to Joyful expanded edition that will be released in September for National Yoga Month. 
The sequences are the same ones I teach at the live events and that we will be practicing in Bali every morning and afternoon. Each is geared toward strengthening, stretching, balancing, healing and creating harmony in the body, mind and soul. 
I am also teaching several of these sequences in Canada for the Whistler Yoga Conference, coming up in May. 
If you are able to join us, that promises to be an amazing event in one of the most beautiful places in North America, 
Whistler BC is known for its majestic snow capped mountains and pristine natural surroundings. 
Go to their website to register and use my name 'Dashama' to receive 10% off your ticket for the entire weekend. 



Blessings to your success and happiness.
Have a beautiful day!
Love, Light and Namaste, 

March 24

Bella Petite Magazine's new Lifestyle Expert

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March 24, 2011


The radiance of beauty always comes from within, that I believe to the core of my being. And the outer expression of our inner light is always a perfect compliment to our spirit. The honoring of our divinity comes in many forms. Anything from a sacred circle of friends, to a yoga retreat to restore and rejuvenate your soul, to the adornment of fine fabric and flattering fashionable clothing. Being a modern day Goddess can be fun if you want it to be! And every woman alive has this within, the practice of yoga and meditation that I teach, helps us to remember our divinity and embody the sensuous side of life that allows for all pleasures (within reason;).


bella petite Recently I began writing a weekly article for a wonderful new magazine called Bella Petite. I'm excited about their mission to raise awareness about height discrimination. It's interesting because I have always felt that this was a very strange aspect to society, where based upon a person's height, it would be determined if they could be considered a 'model' in fashion and other artistic endeavors.

If you don't know me that well, I will share with you a key element to my personality is the total commitment to freedom, creativity and the expansion of ones limitless potential. That being said, when I was an aspiring model years ago, I was very deflated to find out there were height requirements, just like 50 years ago there were gender and color requirements for certain jobs. At the time, I was not discouraged and just found other avenues for my creative expression and discovered ways around the old system and height prejudices. I still feel this is an important topic, however, as a young woman with dreams and goals, it would be wonderful to see one less social barrier to entry, so to speak.


March 12

Discover the Secret to Getting the BEST flight PRICES :)

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March 12, 2011

Getting the BEST flight PRICES is an ART :) 

For the best ticket prices, I highly recommend you use for booking flights. They say if you check for Tues/Wed/Thurs departures, you get the best rates, so be sure to be flexible for that and mark the option to have flexible departure and flight dates. Also, you will notice the flight prices fluctuate greatly from day to day. So you can set an alert for kayak to send you an email when the flight you want dips below a specific price. That's a great way to stay current and get the best price. The truth is, you have to act quick, when you see the price you want on the trip you are taking, book it immediately, because its like the stocks: up one day, down the next. The best prices are often 2-4 weeks out from the departure dates, so keep that in mind as well. Airlines gamble on the passengers not taking the spontaneous flights so they drop the prices when it gets closer to departure!
City for Int'l Departure... Another Adventure!
Also, in regard to departure airport, I am flying out of LAX. That is a great departure city, as is San Francisco, since both of those are closest to Asia in the USA. In other countries, you will have to figure it out, but I know the flights from certain airports tend to be cheaper, because they have many flights out per day or week. So, when arranging your flight, consider booking a short flight SEPARATE from your home city, to a major international airport and then a separate flight from that airport to your destination. This will ensure you get a great flight price as well. You can even arrange a short layover (few hours or days) to explore that new city if you wish and make it an extended adventure! I usually do that when I'm taking long trips. Even if you can only get out of the airport (take a taxi to the city and walk around, or to a nice park or the ocean). You will get a nice feel for that city and know if you will want to return there sometime to explore it more in the future. You can also check out on sites like facebook or to see what is cool to do in these areas while you in town for a short while.
Register Now to Join Us in Bali!
There is still a little space left for you to join us. I would love to share this magical time with you.
Please contact me directly if you have any questions, so I can help you make this incredible decision. 
Also, I created this page for you to get to understand a little more about how i came to over come my fears of leaving my corporate job and embark upon a career path that resonates with my heart, soul and highest self. 
Click HERE to read about that story now.
What's Happening at Pranashama Yoga Institute?
New Students Enrolling for Bali

This week a lot has been transpiring for the Bali Trip. Also, we had a new student enroll yesterday, from the UK. I'm excited that we will have such a geographically and culturally diverse group with us in Bali!
We are getting closer and closer to this amazing Yoga Teacher Training and Adventure Retreat in Bali. The plans are arranged and now is the time to focus on getting the flights, the visas and preparations.
You can Earn $500 for recommending a friend to join us
Oh btw, we are offering a $500 referral check to anyone in our community who refers a student that ends up joining us in Bali. We still have a few spots left and want to make sure everyone who is supposed to be there with us can be.  Be sure they mention your name when they register so we can credit you for the referral. We will pay you by check, paypal, bank transfer or credit toward any of our events or trainings around the world. 
To view the full details and register for the 1, 2, 3 and 4 week Teacher Training / Certification program and Retreat Options, CLICK HERE NOW. Feel free to forward this along to anyone you feel would benefit from joining us in Bali.
March 08

Surrendering to Divine Will for Your Life

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March 08, 2011
What's Happening at Pranashama Yoga Institute?
Surrendering to Divine Will for Your Life
Are you still deciding whether to join us in Bali this summer? 
Well, consider this: in life, it is up to each of us to determine which direction we want our lives to go. We pave our way and in many ways create our future with the decisions we make today. 
So, ask yourself this question:
*What is most important to me right now? 
*What do I want my life to be like in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, or when I'm 90?
*When I look back in 5 years, which decisions will have been most instrumental in shaping the life I am living right now? *Which events, teachers, experiences and opportunities did I allow to be a blessing unto my path? *Where did I resist the stream? *Where did I choose to swim up current instead of going with divine flow? 
In my own journey, it has always been when I had no money, and a ton on my plate that the most amazing opportunities presented themselves to me. 
It is in these moments we make the decisions that shape our life path. 
When I was deciding whether to study abroad in college, I didn't know how I was going to make it happen. All I knew is that I needed to do it - to NURTURE MY SOUL. To fuel my creativity and my longing to see the world in a new way. That trip, just like all of the others, helped shape me in ways I can only begin to understand. It opened my mind and heart. It pushed me past my comfort zone and out of fear. 
The fear of not having enough money is a very common one. This is instilled in us from a young age. At birth our parents start planting these seeds of fear into our unborn unconscious minds. And we are born into this world, pre-wired with the fear of not having enough. 
I can remember almost every trip I have been on around the world, always coming back with nothing in the bank. Broke and happy I like to call it. Yes, it motivated me to work hard when I got back to restock my bank with some funds, but the experience was always so beyond PRICELESS that when the chance would present itself again, repeatedly I said YES. 
I said yes to 6 weeks in India and Israel, even when I had no money and didn't know how I could afford my rent and the plane ticket. Somehow it all worked out. 
When you commit to something in your mind and heart, the universe co-conspires to attract the support you need every time. 
Maybe you can remember times in your life when this has happened for you? 
I know I can. 
Here's a powerful prayer/mantra to help release fears and open to faith and trust: 
I allow my father, the supreme source, to support me abundantly and know I will always be provided for. I always have everything I need and I trust that when I am in alignment with my highest self, all good things flow to me with effortless ease. I am on a divine path guided by love and in pursuit of self actualization. Nothing can stop me but me. I surrender to the will of the universe and let go of all fears that would hold me back from life enhancing and enriching experiences. Amen. 

As we progress along with preparations, I will continue to post blogs and send out emails with reminders and things for you to do, to get ready. 
You can Earn $500 for recommending a friend to join us
Oh btw, we are offering a $500 referral check to anyone in our community who refers a student that ends up joining us in Bali. We still have a few spots left and want to make sure everyone who is supposed to be there with us can be.  Be sure they mention your name when they register so we can credit you for the referral. We will pay you by check, paypal, bank transfer or credit toward any of our events or trainings around the world. 
If you didn't already see it, I have posted the Recommended and Required Reading List for you in my blog, click HERE to read it now. 
I am happy to announce that the producers for Journey of a Lifetime TV Show are reviewing my 2nd video audition submission, which they requested I create. You can view the video by clicking the image below (filmed on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii). 
(click the image below to watch the video) 
I look forward to meeting you soon.
To view the full details and register for the 1, 2, 3 and 4 week Teacher Training / Certification program and Retreat Options, CLICK HERE NOW. Feel free to forward this along to anyone you feel would benefit from joining us in Bali. 
March 08

Join Dashama for Live Online Classes!

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March 08, 2011
Join us for LIVE ONLINE Classes at!

(Click this image above to watch my Physiic Class Demo)
Super affordable way to get yoga and fitness
home delivery for the whole family. 

I know you are busy! For this reason, I am always seeking ways to add value and make your life easier. I'm excited to announce I will begin teaching a regular schedule of classes online in a new interactive yoga studio called They have a cutting edge program that allows us to be in a live class from anywhere around the world, simply with internet connection and a web cam, we can have up to 50 people in the class and I'll be able to see you all at once, and you can see me real time live.

You can register now to take your first class:
Click this link to register now. It starts in one week, Sunday March 13 at 9am PST. Vinyasa Flow Detox sequence. 90 minutes (we'll do 75 minutes class and 15 minutes Q&A at the end. Email me if you have any questions. I'll be adding the rest of my schedule soon, to include 5 classes per week, some for just beginners, some for advanced, one for the people who have requested I teach the neck healing sequences I used to heal my own cervical spine and even a cardio yoga dance class to add a little spice to our lives :) If you have any class suggestions or requests, join us for one of the classes and in the end Q&A be sure to mention your suggestions and I'll try to accommodate your ideas. I can't wait to see you live next Sunday! Spread the word, you can get others to join you as well. In fact, you can have a few of you take the class at your home, and just for the price of one!
Blessings to your success and happiness.
Have a beautiful day!
Love, Light and Namaste, 

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