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March 08

Spring Into Cleansing and Renewal - 50% Off this Week Only

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March 08, 2011
Aloha my love,
How was your weekend?
The weather is warming up a bit and we are starting to see the first signs of spring :)

Spring is a Time for Cleansing and Renewal
Spring is one of my favorite times of year, since it allows us to reflect upon where we are and to let go of what is not serving us, re-evaluate what is truly important to us, and make a plan that will lead us toward our highest vision for our lives. 
I love the concept of spring cleaning. 
And with spring cleaning comes spring cleansing. 
That can include body, mind, spirit, emotional, and all of our surroundings. 
My favorite spring cleansing rituals include juice cleansing, feng shui practices for home and work environments and committing to a disciplined mind/body exercise and health practice. 
I have had a few people post on facebook this week asking if I am going to offer the discount for the Renew You 30DYC program again. So in honor of the spring cleansing season coming up, I have decided I will do that for all of you who wanted to join us back in January and missed the incredible 50% off special. 
So, for the next 7 days (yes now through March 13, you can receive that same great discount of 50% off as a gift from me, to encourage your spring cleansing and renewal. 
Go check out the full details here:
and when you are ready to order, enter coupon code: RENEW ME to receive 50% off at checkout.

I am excited to see the results you get with this new lifestyle program. 
You can start wherever you wish with the diet, or jump straight into the cleansing part and embark upon a liver, kidney, colon, cleanse, a green juice cleanse, heavy metals, parasites, candida cleanse- you choose the one or combination you feel is needed right now and allow the community to support you while you let go of what's weighing you down and align with the more radiant version of you!
One of our participants has already lost 50 pounds following the program!
He told me he replaced his snack bowl of snickers with a bowl of fruit and loves his new lifestyle!

Best wishes to your success!
Blessings and Love!
March 04

Creating a Mission Statement for Your Life

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March 04, 2011


"It is more important to know where you are going than to get there quickly."
-- Mabel Newcomber

Over 10 years ago I had a mentor who introduced me to the concept of 'having a mission statement for my life'. This came at a perfect time for me, since at that time, I was really wondering which direction to go and what was the purpose of my life.

Since then, I have re-evaluated my mission statement many times and even after all these years, mine is still ringing true and inspiring me to continue doing what I do.

February 28

Awaken Your Divinity with Love + Save $100 on Malibu Retreat 1 Day Only XOXO

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February 28, 2011
"Since love grows within you, so beauty grows.
For love is the beauty of the soul."
-- Saint Augustine


Stress is always on the top of the list for every major and minor illness and disease, this is preventative holistic medicine at its finest!

Aloha My Love!
Maybe you are wondering: What is Thai Yoga Therapy? 
This ancient 'folk art' was originally developed thousands of years ago for the royal families during the time of the Buddha. Sometimes called "Lazy Man's Yoga" it offers the best of what yoga has to offer without requiring any effort on the part of the receiver. Combining the most powerful stress relief and healing techniques from Yoga, Accupressure massage, meridian therapy and meditation, both the giver and receiver experience incredible and profoundly therapeutic benefits that can last for days after.
My Thai Yoga Story: 
For me, Thai Yoga was one of the most profoundly healing and heart opening experiences I have ever had. It was through giving and receiving this loving exchange that I learned to forgive myself, over come deep anger I had been harboring in my heart and to awaken to my true divine nature which is infinite love and unbounded potentiality. So you can see why I am so passionate about this Retreat!
Meet my friend and co-teacher Michael Buck "Mukti"

We are VERY HONORED to have Michael Buck, celebrity yogi and founder of Vedic Conservatory, joining us from across the country for this very special event. "Mukti" has personally administered over 40,000 thai yoga sessions and certified thousands of thai yoga massage practitioners from around the world. His events always sell out and have a waiting list and I am excited to introduce his exquisite gifts to you and the entire community. You can learn more about him on his website here.
**If you can only make it to 1 or 2 events this year, this should be one of them, without question.
Here are a few testimonials from previous clients of mine:

Thai Yoga massage with you is a deeply satisfying, physically and spiritually, it beats any regular massage I have ever experienced. The effects of Thai Yoga Massage lasts for days." ~Nelson Corbrera, Boca Raton


Dashama is a beautiful young woman who appears delicate but beyond the surface beauty she has a deceptively strong body and mind. She used Thai Yoga to manipulate my 40 year old frame into positions I've not dreamed of since my late 20's. Coupled with her informed instruction and directed meditation this strong physical manipulation leads to a long lasting feeling of health and well being."

~Lowell Jones, CEO, Ft. Lauderdale, FL



February 26

Malibu Yoga & Thai Massage Retreat March 2011

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February 26, 2011

Dashama & Chris (photoshoot from Thai Yoga DVD)

Aloha Love!

Have you been dreaming of escaping the hectic chaos of every day life and immersing yourself into the world of yoga and healing bliss?

Join us!

February 26

Journey of a Lifetime - Bali Yoga Teacher Training and Retreats!

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February 26, 2011

Aloha Love,

I'm excited as we move forward with preparations for the Bali Yoga Teacher Training and Retreats. I am also inspired to share the 2nd video I was requested to submit to the Journey of a Lifetime Reality TV producers.

You can see that video audition/ submission here:

[video: 500x400]

This video talks about the excursions and additional modules we will be experiencing on this trip. Part of the adventure of this trip is to experience the culture of Bali, the sacred Hindu Temples, the yoga fire dancing to over come fears and visit the orphanage to shine some light into the lives of those children in Bali.

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