Yoga Fundamentals- from Bandhas, Breathwork and Balance

The 3 B's. This fundamental workshop will leave you with a rock solid understanding of the most integral aspects of yoga for your own practice as well as to be able to teach others. Bandhas- the energetic and muscular mind/body connection and control necessary to achieve the highest levels of a Hatha Yoga practice. Breathwork- several pranayama techniques will be explored as well as their benefits and proper time and place of practice. Balance on all levels (mind, body, spirit and emotions) will be explored. Physical balance practices will bridge the gap to ensure all layers are activated and balanced during your Hatha Yoga Practice.

Your Body is A Temple & You are the Master Architect

Whether you love living in the temple of your body right now or not, I've got Great news for you! You get a whole new body every 7 years, according to scientific evidence. This means that any health and wellness practice you begin today, has the potential to completely reconstruct your entire body right now. This includes dietary habits, mental beliefs about yourself, physical exercise and lifestyle habits, and any other habits that you currently embrace. So, if your current habits aren't serving you: providing you with the highest levels of natural energy, great nights sleep, pain free living from a strong and agile body- it's not too late! In this workshop we will explore the basic fundamentals of healthy habits. The physical practice will be a vinyasa yoga sequence designed to open and balance root chakra energy (hamstrings, inner thighs and glutes) staying low to the ground and connecting to Mother Earth.

Surfing your Inner Waves to Balance your Emotions

Emotions flow through us like waves in the deep blue sea of our soul. They control the barometer of our lives if we give into them. Primarily a function of our 2nd Chakra, Sacral/Swadhisthana, this area is correlated to our hips and Uddyana Bandha. Learn effective techniques to master the waves of emotion, thus mastering your life. This flow based workshop focuses on fluid movements, to connect with the water like quality within you. A strong emphasis on hip openers and breathing mantras to move prana/energy through you, releasing what may be limiting you- leaving you open to receive the divine blessings of peace, love, joy and fulfillment that are in store for your life. Teacher Trainees will learn variations and modifications to teach all level students.

Fire of Transformation- Embracing Your Edge

Manipura is the fire of transformation, that comes from the core center of your Being- your Solar Plexus (3rd Chakra)- and when we ignite it through this vigorous and challenging yoga practice, you will be forever transformed. We walk right up to the edge of what you thought were limits and FLY- Soaring High into the Stratosphere and Become One with the Inner Radiant Light. This module/workshop is designed for levels 2/3. You will leave knowing you touched your edge, went beyond your comfort zone and having real tools and techniques to access this power in the future. For Aspiring Teachers: an emphasis on the language that inspires, motivates and moves yoga practitioners, this training will teach you to convey this transformative practice to your students of all levels, regardless of their current ability or motivation level. BE Inspiring. Be a Flame that Ignites, Be the Fire of Transformation, Illumination and Radiance.

Sailing the Winds of Love- Journey into the Heart

In this magical exploration of life's greatest gift: LOVE, you will experience upper and mid back openers like you've never felt before. The "back" of the heart is where we store many of our earlier emotional tension from childhood, relationships and unmet expectations from life. Working with asanas, breath, visualization, and mantras we learn to release that which is not serving you to become more free to love and be loved, to share compassion, forgiveness, empathy and joy. Back bending emphasized in this class, as well as shoulder openers, neck stretching and self massage techniques. If she is available, special guest Sula DePaula may share a transformational breathing session with the group as well.

Express Your-Self: Mantra Vinyasa Flow to Balance Your Throat Chakra

You have a beautiful voice. (whether you believe it or not!) Let's hear it! In this joyful & awakening vinyasa practice, we will express our Throat Chakra through Bija mantras during the practice. Practice with us or just visualize yourself doing it and absorb the healing vibration from the group. Bija mantras as the seed sound syllables that harmonize and balance the chakras. This class will also have an emphasis on breathing with the movements of the vinyasa practice and moving with grace.

Spiral Inward to Expand Outward- Meditations for Inner Peace, Mental Clarity, Bio Energy Activation, Prosperity, Creativity, Love, Forgiveness, Healing and to Strengthen your Intuition

This workshop is all about Yoga Nidra and Guided Meditations specifically designed with intention and purpose. Learn to activate your higher self with these creative visualizations, how to connect with your inner child, how to naturally increase your energy field times the power of 100, how to attract all that you want into your life, how to embrace power & persistence- IN it TO WIN IT mentality, how to heal your entire body and how to send love to the whole planet. Each one is between 5-20 minutes.

Yoga as Spiritual Practice- Wearing the Crown of Freedom

Your Life with a Miracle. Yoga literally translates to mean "Union". Union with the Divine Source. With the Supreme Creator. Union with all living beings, angels, spirit guides, here and beyond the physical realm. We are born Divine. The circumstances of life often leave heavy karma to be released. It is part of the yoga journey to release this density, neutralize karma and reunite with the Divinity that is already within us! This workshop will get you started. With an emphasis on inversions (headstand and handstand) and seated meditation for the Hatha Yoga practice, we learn to access the crown chakra and connect with the Supreme Source in our actions, thoughts and deeds. Taking Yoga "Off the Mat" and into your LIFE. We will also discuss how Seva- service to humanity, is the highest level of Yoga and should be included in your daily yoga practice at all levels. This will neutralize all Karmic debt and raise the vibrational frequency of your entire existence to that of Saints, Sages, and Seers. My Seva projects and Yoga For Foster Children will be discussed.

9. Detox Yoga Flow- "Discover the Fountain of Youth through Yoga"

Have you ever wondered why some yoga practitioners just keep appearing younger and more radiant as the years pass by? Discover the secrets to everlasting youth and longevity. Detoxification of the internal organs, as well as the largest organ on the body: your Skin. In this challenging Detox Yoga Vinyasa Flow, we will explore the 3 stages of physical body detoxification, ending in a healing/cleansing meditation. We will also discuss the essentials of dietary detoxification and how to integrate it into your monthly schedule to reverse disease, maintain health and maximize your inner and outer radiant beauty. You will never be the same after this workshop.

10. Healing/Restorative Yoga and Self Massage-

Learn how to heal yourself. We don't always have access to a healer or massage therapist, but we can certainly use the loving touch each and every day! In this hands on workshop, you will learn how to use yoga to heal yourself, moving slowly, in a Yin Yoga Slow Vinyasa Flow practice. We will utilize ancient techniques of acupressure to access healing pressure points on the body and breath into them to release stored tension and pain. Anyone who has been injured, had surgeries, been in car accidents or who is going through physical, emotional or mental stress will greatly benefit from this workshop. All Levels. Teacher Trainees will learn how to teach this Highly Needed practice to students of all levels and abilities and how to work with injury and disability on many levels.

11. Family and Partner Yoga- Connecting Families through Loving Playfulness

The joy of family is to play together! In this fun and interactive workshop you will learn partner poses, and how to do yoga with your children, spouse, and/or friends! You will have fun, laugh, and experience great pleasure and you assist each other into fun, strengthen, opening asanas/poses. Seated, Standing, Flying and Lying down poses will be taught. No prior experience necessary. Teacher Trainees will learn how to instruct and assist students in these fun classes and how to demonstrate effectively, so everyone is safe and has a great experience.

Are you seeking a deeper understanding of the many aspects of Yoga?

Workshops are a wonderful way to become acquainted with Yoga. Starting with the physical, you can learn many techniques to ensure proper bodily alignment. You will learn the subtle and energetic techniques to control your prana or life force. You will learn specific sequences to balance or heal certain aspects of your life and break through to the next level of your life. You will even learn mental techniques (through meditation) which will enable you to liberate your mind and access the state of pure potentiality and total unbounded awareness.

As you may already know, yoga is a very in depth and profound path. Since it was developed over 5000 years ago, many enlightened masters have collaborated to perfect this ancient yet scientific system. It encompasses every aspect of life, from birth to death, explaining the soul’s journey even beyond this physical realm. Within the path of yoga, there are many styles that one may gravitate toward. As you explore the hidden dimensions of who you are, you will begin to feel more in alignment with certain teachings and teachers who will guide you on your path.

Throughout the year we will be offering workshops to guide you on your path. We encourage you to try other teachers as well, to find the path that suits you best. And to continually study, practice and absorb all of the knowledge that you can. Life is a journey and the more you embrace the role of the student, the sooner you will enter into the realm of Total Mastery. And even at that level, you should never stop seeking. Never stop learning. Remain open like a lotus flower to the sun and all of life’s blessings will shower upon you in this life and in those that are to come. You are setting the stage for a magical life of adventure.

Check our CALENDAR for upcoming workshops, Teacher Training or Retreats.


Blessings to you on your path.

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